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Sunrise on the way to the Cayman Brac Airport
    We got up at around 7am to head to the Cayman Brac International Airport (I'm pretty sure it's only "international" because the small plane makes trip to Cuba occasionally). BJ had told us that they 8:30am flight we were on would be stopping on Little Cayman and then heading on to Grand Cayman. My mom, who had been having issues with her ears since our original flights down to Grand Cayman and then to Cayman Brac, after hearing this, had decided to go on a later flight, so she didn't have to stop on Little Cayman.
Sir Turtle on the tail of the little plane
So, my dad, sister and I got on the 8:30am flight and got ready for a glimpse of Little Cayman.
    The airport on Little Cayman is hysterical. BJ had told us that the runway was like dirt and gravel and that's why they had to use prop planes...jet engines would suck up the gravel. Haha. He was so right. So you fly in, and touch down on the crappiest looking runway I've ever seen. Then the plane has to drive along whatever is left of the runway and CROSS THE MAIN ROAD OF THE ISLAND...ya know, the one that cars drive on? Yeah, that one. Passengers then get out, some get in, and the plane drives back across the road to the runway. While you're driving down part of the runway to the turn-around, you notice that there are soccer goals in the grass to the side of the runway.
The cute little car we rented on Grand Cayman
Yes, when planes aren't flying in, the runway is a sideline for a soccer field. Haha, it's awesome.
    We take off again, and a few seconds later, my sister nudges me and tells me to take a look in the cockpit. The plane was on empty...and apparently had been since we took off from Cayman Brac. You could tell the pilot and copilot were concerned, too. Kind of funny actually. When we touched down in Grand Cayman, they looked at each other and laughed. Haha...apparently they weren't sure we'd make it?

    So we made it to Grand Cayman on a plane that was on empty, got a rental car (and my dad had to pay the $7.50 for a Cayman Islands Driver's License because he forgot his first one in the car on Cayman Brac), went into Georgetown to this awesome store that has FREE INTERNET AND FREE CALLS TO THE US (and unbelievably good rum cake samples), then went back to the airport to pick up my mom.
Welcome to Hell
My mom's flight, which was supposed to be a nonstop flight from Cayman Brac to Grand Cayman ended up stopping at Little Cayman anyway because 4 people had to be bumped off the 6:30am flight due to the fact that a patient in an accident the night before had to be transfered to a hospital on Grand Cayman. So, the whole moving around flights thing the morning of really just wasn't worth it...but she claims she talked to the pilot and he purposely went slowly...just for her. Haha.

    Alright, so...we picked up my mom from the airport and headed to Hell. Yes, Hell. Unlike Hell, Michigan (which occasionally freezes over) Hell, Grand Cayman does not. Actually, it was named Hell because there are a lot of jaged rocks in one place...I mean, it pretty much looks like most of Cayman Brac does, but hey, if it can be made a tourist attraction, why not? Right?
    There were so many tour buses in Hell that it really felt like Hell.
My sister working on our sandcastle
It was unbelievable. All there really is is one shop with some t-shirts and souvenirs, and a post office (the Hell Post Office was actually only put in recently because people complained that they wanted to sell postcards from Hell). So, I bought a t-shirt that said "HFD" for Hell Fire Department for my boyfriend and then we left.

    From Hell, we went in search of a good beach with somewhere to at least rinse off afterwards because there was no way I was going to sit on a 4.5 hour plane ride home all salty from swimming. We found some showering areas at one of the public beaches on Seven Mile Beach and decided to set up camp there for our remaining 3 hours in the Cayman Islands. There weren't any fish, so the snorkeling wasn't good, but the water was beautiful and it was finally calm enough to really enjoy.
The drip sandcastle my sister and I worked on for like two hours...haha
My sister and I made a sandcastle...she's 19, I'm 22...I'm pretty sure we were the oldest two people making sandcastles on the whole beach. Whatever...everyone who walked by commented and said it was beautiful or creative or something. One guy stopped, stood there, and then goes: "You must be art students." Hmmmm...nope...but our mom that kinda counts...
    Now, you have to understand...the two of us have forever been making sandcastles. We can't help it. It's part of our sisterly relationship. We see a nice sand beach and we just get to work. No questions asked. And we don't just make sandcastles...we make drip castles. It's a skill we learned from our mom when we were like 3 and 7 years old...and my mom loves seeing us make them really brings her back to when we were her little girls.
Dinner on Cayman Airways comes with a miniature rum cake. So cute!
She couldn't stop taking pictures. It's kinda cute.

    After we were all substantially tanner (OK, we were sunburned) a few hours later, we showered off, and headed back to the airport. We had already checked our bags but the security line was insanely long. The whole time we were in it, we kept hearing our names being called as part of the "last call" for our flight...but it wasn't just us. There were around 16 other people who were heading back to NY with us who were in line way behind us. That meant that we still had time to buy some cheap alcohol and rum cakes in the airport waiting area...haha.
    We got on our flight and headed back home. They gave us dinner (not as good as the lunch we had on the way down there) and it came with a miniature rum cake. It was very cute...and also very tasty.

    Oh, and when we got home, it was around 50 we didn't even end up with that awful cold shock after being somewhere warm for a while. Haha.
bkretzer says:
Hi Sonya--You're welcome! You write very well. It was easy to smile at your blogs!
Posted on: Jan 27, 2008
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Sunrise on the way to the Cayman B…
Sunrise on the way to the Cayman …
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