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Tons of sea urchins right off the shoreline at the Brac Reef Resort, brought in by the current
    Day three of decent sized waves and rough water right outside out house...so it was into the car again. We went over to the south shore of Cayman Brac in search for somewhere to hang out for the day. While driving along, we came across the abandoned Divi Beach Resort, which has been closed for two or three years now at this point due to damage that occurred during a hurricane. It's owned by a large corporation and they just haven't been back to fix it up or open it again...meanwhile, it supposedly used to be one of the greatest places to stay, dive and snorkel in the Cayman Islands. Anyway, the place is closed and there's a decent bit of beach just sitting there, unused.
Small fish right off shore
My parents decided that was a good place to stay for the day, but I just wasn't thrilled with the idea of hanging out on old picnic tables right outside this old hotel.
    After a bit of a discussion, we decided to go over to the Brac Reef Resort and ask if it was OK if we used the beach, pool, etc. They said yes, which makes sense, seeing as they only had maybe a total of 10 guests staying there (we were there during a very off week), and around 3/4 of them were out diving all day with the adjacent Reef Divers company. We grabbed some lounge chairs and relaxed for a bit. The sand was great compared to the rocky north shore and the water was pretty calm. Not much in the way of snorkeling, but I did get a really close up look at some sea urchins that were brought right into the shoreline by the current.
    We spent the day there, relaxing, using the pool, doing a little bit of swimming, and enjoying the fact that we were actually seeing people (the island is really small, but unless you're at the market, you really don't see anyone). We left around sunset and went to dinner at Aunt Sha's which seems to be a favorite of the locals for take out...the phone there rings almost off the hook. The food was pretty good, but they were out of a lot of things because the barge that brings EVERYTHING to the island that usually comes on Fridays couldn't come in because of the norwester. Anyway, it was pretty good for what there was.
bkretzer says:
You have a great attitude :>) I would have probably written about the lousy weather and terrible time I was having.
Posted on: Jan 26, 2008
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Tons of sea urchins right off the …
Tons of sea urchins right off the…
Small fish right off shore
Small fish right off shore
Cayman Brac
photo by: smhirsch