South Korea & Japan Winter Trip 2007 - Day 8

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South Korea & Japan Winter Trip 2007 - Day 8

20/12  Otaru

My relaxing trip in Otaru continued!!  It's very nice to stay in Otaru as there were many cute and nice shops here.  You can spend days in window shopping.  If you have time and money, you can try to make you own glasses.  We wanted to do so, but we didn't have enough time for waiting it to be cooled, so we didn't do it!!!

Actually the Otaru town is quite small, if you follow the tour, they may only stay here for half to one day, I can tell you must miss many things here!!  We've 2 full days in Otaru and never got bored in this romantic and cute city~~

That is the romantic house~~~

They sell various products here but all are cute & romantic~

They mad the whole shop so romantic, we visited many different similar shop.  Although they sell similar stuff, they have there own differences and give us different feeling!!  So we're always attracted by them and didn't want to leave~~

Some mini glass products~~crabs~

little gift

Christmas tree


kaleidoscope(萬花筒).  Alban loves it so much!!

What you can see from the kaleidoscope

Here is another shop

When I first saw this Ferrie wheel, I was totally attracted and stood here for a long time!!  It gave me a feeling of sweet, and remind me the song from Eason Chan - 幸福摩天輪

More Ferris wheel~


Do you want to eat all sushi here?? Sorry they're just some glass products~

You can find many historical buildings in Otaru and they're all special~

Cute white house~

This house is so similar to the house of 技安 at doraemon!!

We met the boss of this shop, all wood crafts were hand made!!
We went to this shop where we met the boss here!!  He is a genuine!!!

Every thing in this shop is 2000Yen.  It's great to take a look here!!  We bought our souvenir here to our host in Seoul.

This little snow mountain is quite scary

It looked really tasty and so attractive!!!  We bought it finally and it's really tasty!!

This sculpture is so morden!

This museum showed many Venice arts things.

You can try these dressing and take pictures, I'd like to try at the beginning but found out it's quite expeneisve!

There are many glass made collection

You see the scallop???  They are so fresh and the boss sold them in a very cheap price!!!  It's only 100 yen per each, so we all ordered one to try~


Cooked!!!  Believe it or not, they tasted so good!! I have never tried that tasty scallop in my life!

This is a chocolate shop, you see the sale girl standing at the shop front??  She was distributing the free samples!!!  We like Japan so much as there are always free samples everywhere!


So here we came to the steam clock that is the most important tourist spot in Otaru!

The steam clock has more than 100 years ago!

Suddenly, a big snow came!!

We found a cute shop nearby!!

how come this guy always pretends to be cool?

We're real cute...haha~

This Winnie the Poon is so cold & dirty!!~

This Winnie is warmer, cleaner and cuter!!

Of course Hello Kitty can be found easily everywhere in Japan!

Michelle likes the doll she hug so much, but she didn't show her face to us!

Snoopy family~

Mickey & Minnie...

The ice-cream was fake, you 2 were exaggerated

More fake ice-cream!

Otaru is so beautiful, even in a random street!

It's a fast food restaurant

So it's the fast food - rice cake + milk!!!  Tasty again!!  How come all kinds of food in Japan are so high in quality!

This restaurant was recommended by one of my colleague in housing Dept who is the expert of Japan!!!  He knows everything of Japan as he likes coming Japan every year!!  He even gave me a business card of that boss, and we would like to give it a try to see if we can obtain some discount.  Unfortunately, the restaurant had been closed when we arrived.

So we went to a random Japanese restaurant for dinner

Alban was so hungry~
Alban was too hungry!!

So fast for him to finished all!

After a long relaxing day, we walked back to our hostel.

Before going back to our hotel, we walked to the canal for see the night view of the beautiful Otaru!

We're so lucky that our hotel is very close to the canal!!  It took less than 5 minutes by walking, so great!

I will miss you - Beautiful Otaru!!

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photo by: tj1777