South Korea & Japan Winter Trip 2007 - Day 5

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South Korea & Japan Winter Trip 2007 - Day 5

17/12  Noboribetsu  date historical village, Volcano, Sapporo, Noodle Street, Odori Park.

We slept so early last night!!  It's just soon after we enjoyed our nice hot spring because we wanted to get up early today so that we could enjoy the sun more!!!

So this is our bedroom!!  It isn't that bad...quite good in fact, but we just made it too messy after one night!!!

We had a nice buffet breakfast at hotel and asked for some travel information at the help desk.  We met a couple from HK, they suggested us to go Noboribetsu date historical village rather than the bear park.  They also suggested us to take a taxi to there because the bus to there was expensive and they didn't run so frequently.

So, we took their advice, picked the discounted coupon at the hotel counter and the staff in the hotel helped us to keep our luggage and call taxi to there.  It's our first time to take taxi in Japan.  I had never planned to take taxi in Japan as I didn't think I could afford it!!!!!!  However, it wasn't that expensive as I expected!!

So here is the entrance of
Noboribetsu date historical village, we met a huge group of Hong Kong people following the tourist trip to strange to hear that much Cantonese~~

A big hint here, I know it isn't good to tell this kind of trick, but if you don't have enough money, you can try but I never tried!!  We waited for Alban for helping us to buy entrance tickets to the village while we're just taking some silly pictures with those performances.  After Alban coming back we entered the village but found that there were no entrance gate at all, they didn't check our tickets for entering everything!!!!  So strange, and the ticket office is located far away from the entrance as well!!!  So I think you don't have to buy a ticket for entering it, but of course it's illegal!!!!!  I hadn't tried that, we're good people, we  didn't do that illegal thing, we bought the tickets that were quite expensive!!!

So we're heading to the village now!!

The village is so nice, it's just like bring us back to the old time although we know everything is faked!!

Michelle and me were just too happy to see these kind of traditional Japanese building, we wanted to have take some cute pictures cute around here...


Alban join ed us as well..we wanted to imitate the TVB actress Yu Mei who came to Japan for producing a Japan tourist programme,   She was so cute during the TV, but we knew she was just pretended to be cute..

Haha...I didn't pretend it, just natural cute....hahah

Very nice at the old time..

Suddenly, a big snow.....I've worn my ski trousers with a tight quite warm...

Can you see the snow flying??  We entered the house for watching a show.  Alban enjoyed it quite well, but Michelle & me felt quite bored as we totally didn't understand what they're speaking. 

There was one interesting to let you know, when you first enter the show room, the staff will give you a piece of paper, guess what is that used for???  After the show, the staff will ask you to throw money to the stage, if you like their show.  It's all optional, we didn't throw it out but it's funny to see people throwing money.

It's just nice to take many pictures because everywhere is so beautiful.

Very big snow, this man must be so cold.........Nevertheless, he was so professional.

We went to watch a funny show, I had totally no idea what made the audience laugh a lot!!!  After the show, we went to take a pictures with the artists....I found their pictures in my book which means they have been working here for a very long time.

we've a big snow.....

We're pretending that Fortune cat..

so silly we were....

Don't you feel we're so happy and relaxed??  Guess what? Michelle got cramps (抽筋) while she's doing this post.

This house is so funny, I love most, highly recommended!!

So here is inside the house...

Funny illusion, I was standing straight, but the house built in a way let me look like!

Then we found a house where the staff was taking rest there (I guess), they asked us come to join them because they're heating up some water to keep themselves nice to us!!!  As a result we came close to the boiling water for warming...then somebody helped us to take a pictures, they're so professional to make some cool postures for us!!!Yeah~~~After we left that house, I just told Michelle they're so professional even they're 蛇王中!

So after visiting the village, the staff there helped us to call a taxi back to our hotel's area, we went for hiking!!!!

The volcano area, we've been there last evening, we're going to hike in day time!!

The volcano is totally different from day and night time.

It's very difficult to hike here as they don't have some deep slope, but the snow made the road so smooth!! Michelle and me were like bad..I didn't want to ski here....

Michelle would like to try the foot bath introduced by the hiking map, we finally hiked to this foot bath, but whe she saw this situation, she was speechless.  Eventually, she gave up her plan.

A very hot spring....the smell was quite bad!!

Nice picture!!


Guess what???  How Alban did it??  He supposed to write his name, but his tool was used up...hahah..guess what is that's a very nasty thing in fact....  I won't say it here!

A straight road back to the hotel....

After the hiking, it's time for us to leave this little rural city and back to the biggest city in Hokkaido - Sapporo!!!

We took a bus in front of the hotel to the JR station of Noboribetsu.  The JR is very convenient transportation in Japan, but it is not the only way!!  Bus is another convenient transportation and usually cheaper than JR.  However, it normally takes a bit longer time, so if you're in a short trip, you may not want to try it!!  In our case, we've time to spend, and in fact it's like only 30-60 minutes we always take the cheapest way!!!  The bus in Japan is quite similar to Hong Kong one.  I don't mean their physical design but the system to announce the  next station we are going.  There is a display panel on the front to let all passengers know where you are!!!!

So we arrived Sapporo, the bus stop near the JR station, and our hostel is located near the JR Station as well!!!  We booked a YHA hostel, it's like a 8 persons dorm, but there were only we 3 living in this room!!  So, it's pretty cool.  Anyway, after settle down, we went out to find some good food!! 

We couldn't believe that Sapporo was that tiny, we could walk to most tourist places on foot!!!  All streets were systemic, it's very easy to find all places, you won't get lost in this city!

Here we come to a street that is full of little noodle restaurant.  It's my first time to have Japanese noodle in this kind of small restaurant!!  It's very popular in the Japanese TV drama series!!

We've a dinner can see the whole cooking process, but the taste wasn't very outstanding.  The price of a bowl of noodle is at least 750 yen.  I'd say you can eat better with that price.  Anyway, it's good to have a try, but it's only worth for once only!!!

This is the Odori Park...very famous tourist spot in Sapporo~~

It's nice and romantic here when the park was covered by snow!!

The tower like.. Eiffel Tower???  No..I don't think so, this one is much shorter!!!  Alban said he was sick with the too..we've no intention to go up and see because I know there is a mountain in Sapporo where have a better view!!!

Snow fighting....  hahah..we're just like kids...Alban wasn't nice to us...he started the fight.. both Michelle  & me were put to lay on the's really cold!!!!!!!  However, it's very fun at the same time!!!

This is another famous clock building....we would visit it again in the day time.

After a long day, we came back to the hostel to sleep...I wouldn't recommend people living to close to the JR station, because it's really noisy when the train passing by!!

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photo by: JPLfr13