South Korea & Japan Winter Trip 2007 - Day 16 Akita city

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South Korea & Japan Winter Trip 2007 - Day 16

28/12 Random walking, watching movie & playing bowling in Akita City

As Akita city is just like other small cities in Japan that we're already quite familiar with. So, we didn't have much plan just woke up and had some random walking to this city.

This is the famous museum in the city at the Akita Park.  However, we went too many parks in this trip already and the museum wasn't so interesting, so we just passed through it and left.

So a little river in Akita, quite peaceful

This old man was very kind to offer some food to the Pigeons. I was wondering if this old man came here everyday!! 

And that naughty Alban tried to break the peace of Pigeon by running to scare them and asked me to take some snapshot for him!!

The Pigeons were flying away because of Alban..

I was quite scared when I took the picture as all Pigeons were flying towards me.

This is the high school in you want to meet the girls instead?

Then we went to a little gallery!!  This picture was actually the key reason for us to enter. It just caught our attention!!  

The gallery showed the old life of people in Akita.  It's quite interesting in fact.  However, photo taking was prohibited.  We're so naught to break the rule.  Akita is very famous for producing pretty girls....hahha.. I didn't see any different between the Akita women and other Japanese women, but this girl did look very pretty.  I was wondering how did she look like at present, she must be very old or even died.

So, it's our lunch orientated trip....we're so into the cold noodle since we tried the best one in Hakodate!!!  I really miss that cold's the best cold noodle I had tried in my life.

We went back the shopping centre we went last night.  I like this shopping centre quite a lot, I wish  we could have one in HK too.  The architect offer a spacious areas for the public to use.  The students could study here while some kids were dancing.  We just don't have that kind of areas for us to relax!!

This coffee making machine looked so fancy and we're so interested to try!!

Finally, I bought them to all of us. Yea, I was the boss in the very last day of our trip!!!  However, it's sad that our coffee wasn't from that machine!!  What a shame, we wished to watch the making process!!!

Guess what??  We decided to watch a movie in Japan!!!  haha...we were used to watch many movies together in HK but we just didn't expect we'd watch the movie in Japan!!!  First time to visit the cinema outside HK.  The tickets weren't so expensive that we could afford it.  We asked the girls working there to make sure we would watch an English speaking movie.  Finally, we decided to watch "I Am Legend" at the evening, we didn't have many choices though.

We visited the local Japanese wet market~~the market wasn't that wet in fact!!

The Japanese were so curious to see us, I guessed not many tourists visited here!!!
We also met some people to take a video here, perhaps some movies or TV programme, I don't know..

Very cute rabbit snack, we bought it!!!!

Here was the most famous museum in Akita

How come we could find Terracotta Army in here?????  So strange!!!!

This museum exhibited an old Japanese man using his whole life to making this paper painting..

Actually we needed to pay for enter this gallery, but there was no people in the gate, so we thought it's free.  However, when we went up, a staff told us we needed to pay as we didn't want to pay so we decided to leave.  Guess what?? The staff said it's OK for us to visit here for're like VIP~~~~Actually, there was no other people except us, and the museum was almost close!!!  The CEO of this gallery was even coming to introduce his museum and the Akita city to us!!!!! So nice he was!!

Is it like the car in Initial D (頭文字d)?

This was the last night in Japan, we decided to do some final shopping.  Naughty Alban did something bad on the dummy!!!

I bought a nice jacket in this shop, quite cheap as well!! great!!!

So this was the cinema in Japan, nothing much special but comfortable.  It's kind of interesting experience for watching a movie during travel.  It just makes you like more local!!!!

For the movie, it's just OK, not my type of movie but the storyline was quite new and interesting.

After the movie, Alban still didn't want go back to hotel and we did one more local thing - playing bowling!!!!!

I was quite bad at the beginning but finally I did a strike!!!  The Japanese old men in the lane beside us always were just watching us all the time.  It's so funny!!!!

Finally, I lost, but it's just a game!!!  What a relaxing traveling experience today!! I don't want to leave Japan so soon!!

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photo by: Lotus28