South Korea & Japan Winter Trip 2007 - Day 17 & 18

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South Korea & Japan Winter Trip 2007 - Day 17 & 18

28/12 Fly back to Seoul then back to HK

So this was our last day in Japan.  We got a flight back to Seoul in late morning.  As the flight back to Hk was full today, we got to stay in Seoul for a night before coming back home.

Alban would leave Akita to Tokyo in evening, he was not intended to accompany us to the airport at the beginning.  However, he changed his mind at the very last minute!!

So this was the Akita International Airport.  Believe it or not, it's tiny!!!!!   I couldn't believe there was so small airport in Japan!

Goodbye. Alban! It is always sad when saying goodbye.  The past 17 days were wonderful.  It reminded me a lot of our days living in Polyu hall that was an unforgettable time in my life.  It's great that we could still see each other every year since I graduated.  We made a promise that we should see each other at least one every year.  We spent our new year eve last year and Christmas eve this year.  Michelle will start working and I need to take my professional exams in coming year.  I don't know if we can make our promise, so it's quite sad when we separated.

I don't know why but it's the fact that it's always raining when I left a city.

After 1 hr something, we arrived Seoul international airport again.  I didn't expect Seoul was that cold.  There was snowing actually, I though Japan would be colder than Seoul and I wore less actually.  What a surprise!!

As we would fly again on the next day, I asked the airline to send my backpack directly to HK, so we didn't have any luggage to carry in Seoul...That's pretty cool! My first time to leave the airport without waiting our luggage...

Corey, our  our host in Seoul was so nice, he was having his holiday in south eastern Asia at this moment.  However he knew that we didn't have a place to sleep, so  he left his key to his neighbor, and we could stay in his apartment.  What a nice offer, and because of this, we could store all our skin care bought in Seoul in his apartment and took it back today, so that we didn't require to bring along with us in Japan!!

This is Bupyeong subway station, an very important transition stop to Corey's apartment.  This skincare shop called "Etude House" was my favorite shop in Seoul.  The pretty sale girls here were so nice, they could even speak Mandarin!!  It's very good as we could communicate!!!  English is useless in Korea!!!

We wanted to buy the Ginseng candy as a souvenir, but we didn't know where to buy it, so one of the sale girls took us to a supermarket to buy it.  That supermarket was huge, we didn't notice the cashier gate and we passed out.  The security guard asked us to stop in a polite way, and we're astonished!  I had never tried to steal thing like this!!!  The girl helped us to explain to the staff and he just took us to line up for paying them!!  Lucky!!!  I didn't want to go to jail!!!

So this is the big city outside!!  We didn't realize there was a big shopping city near Corey's home, otherwise, we wouldn't go to Seoul that often!!

We had a BBQ dinner in a random restaurant.  We didn't know how to handle the fire and it was overcooked and some bad smell was emitted out!!  The staff couldn't help but came to our seat to help us handle it a lot!!!

We did some final skin care shopping after that for using all our Korean money then go back to Corey's home.  His apartment is so far away from the metro station, it took 20 minutes for walking and it's so quiet and dark, so we decided to go back his home earlier.

His neighbor left the key out of his door, it's too great!!  I was so scared that his neighbor forgot to do do so and we couldn't get in to pick up our stuff no place to stay!!  Thanks Corey!!  He is a wonderful good man, if I were him, I don't think I could let a stranger to stay in my home when I was in travel.

He was so nice to leave a memo to home to direct us how to turn on the heater, but we're so silly that we didn't know how to turn it off.  That's like disaster to me as I was terrible cold!!!!

This was a long night, I wore 2 big jacket to sleep and my feet were still cold when I got up!!

We had a very early flight back to HK today at 8:30 , so we needed to wake up at 4:30am to go to airport!!!  Guess what??  The ground staff told us the seats were full!!!  It's my first time to experience this!!!  The ground staff told us we had 2 option, put us into the waiting list of business class or give us US200 and waited another 10 hours to take the next flight back to HK!!  It's really in dilemma now!!  We had never tried business class and I didn't think we would try it even I had money, so I really want to try.  Micelle needed to work in hospital in early morning in next day and we're so tired that wanted to back home earlier.  So we finally decided to wait for the business class.  The ground staff told us the chance for getting 2 seats in business class was slim, so I just let it be and returned to the counter at 7:55am!!!  Guess what??  We're in!!!!!  We've like only 5 minute to go to the gate, so I asked the staff shall we run??? hahah..luckily, the gate was close to the check in counter!!!

Actually, when I made this decision, I started to regret as the US200 was a lot us, as our ticket was only US700!!!    We could get the cash immediately and did some shopping or massage in airport!!!!  If I ever have this situation again, I am pretty sure, I will choose money in next time!!!!!

My ticket!!!!  Prestige class!!!!  wow....

So what is the different between economy and business class??  We got an individual TV (no TV in short-haul trip in Korean Airline) and slippery!!  The flight attendance would call our last name and helped us to hang the jacket.  Of course, the space was larger and we have more choices in food!!!  However, it's just too expensive if I needed to pay it by myself, it's just wasteful!!!  I'd prefer to spend the money in shopping and eating instead of flying!!!! That's why I don't think I'll fly business class even I have money!!!

So here were our snacks!

and the breakfast!

me in the business class...I was too tired without ugly!!

Our luggage!!  As we have some skin care with glass packages, it's fragile!!

So this is all skincare I bought!!! wowo...wonderful!!! hahha..I love Korea & Japan!!!!

Wow..It took me more than 8 months to finish this 18 days traveling journey!!! This trip was great and please don't say I was rich!!  We're just so wise in traveling, we experience a lot and with relative cheap price!!  I spent only $HKD17000 for this 18 days trip, everything included!!  I traveled only once in 2007!!!!!

I'll start to write my Cambodia & Vietnam trip 2008 very soon!!!

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photo by: chiyeh