South Korea & Japan Winter Trip 2007 - Day 12

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South Korea & Japan Winter Trip 2007 - Day 12

24/12 Hakodate Morning Fish Market, Motomachi, Hakodate Russian Orthodox Church, Hakodate Episcopal Church, Hakodate Episcopal Church, Lai Kindergarten, Old Public Hall Hakodate Ward, Mount Hakodate, Hakodate United Church of Christ

We're quite happy to stay in Ben's apartment as he is a very nice person and his apartment is just located in the city centre that is very convenient for us.  However, taking shower in his apartment was a major problem of us.

Dirty Ben's's very hard for me, I mean I am not so care but the condition was so bad

Out fist place is go to morning market near the Hakodate JR station

You can find many cheap fresh seafood in this market!!  I'd say it's a must go place! can  buy the whole box of crab with 10000yen!!!  If I went with a group of friend, I must have bought it for sure!!!!

With the shells too...

We bought a 2.2kg big crab for our brunch!!!  It's only 5000yen, it's pretty cheap for 3 people to share.  We asked the staff if he could help us to open it and we could eat it immediately, and he said, we bought it!!

Our big crab ready to eat!

The staff told us we could find some table inside the market and we could sit there to eat.  However, we could not find any seating other in this area where people paid for fishing the octopus then ate it here immediately.   We wasn't sure if it was available for us to sit here, as we neither buy anything for fishing octopus nor buying any food.

So we shifted to a corner and used a coke box as a table and standing here for it

Probably we looked so silly and poor, a Japanese woman told us we could sit in the octopus area to eat!!!!  hahah..we're very silly for sure!!

So we passed by here last night, and I love this little pink house!!!!!!!!!  I must come back to take a picture for it.

This is the Hakodate Beer Factory, we went there for dinner last night.

The whole warehouse..

Cute Santa Clause!

It doesn't look like Japan, it's so westernized as there were many westerners living in Hakodate before.

Meijikan House, we went to the same shop in Oaru too..

Selling the same glass stuff, we're quite enough of it now..

Big Santa Clause ballon~

Elmo is so cute....but you should eat more, you're too slim!!


I really love these sweet!!

after visitng the old warehouse, we went to the mid-level district where the westerners first gathered to live here.

Here, you can see many beautiful and cute small house, like this blue house.  I wish I could live's nice than the mid-level in HK.

This tree is cute!



Wow...this Japanese house is so traditional~~

This old car is cool!!!

So we needed to walked up this gentle but icy slope.  I was so scared when I first saw it.  Luckily, there was a stairs without ice......

So I was quite successful to reach the middle top, but later, I skied here reluctantly and I skied backwards again!!!  Terrible, I held a random Japanese guy arm for balancing myself.  haha...his girlfriend was also here...After I stood firm, we all laughed!!!

As this district was used to live with many foreigners, so there were many churches here...

Hakodate Russian Orthodox Church

This is funny, Michelle and me trying to take a self photo but Alban took our picture at the same time..

This is our self-photo

Of course, we 3 should take one together.


This is an old Japanese temple.

I love this church building under sunshine..Hakodate Episcopal Church

I like this church beautiful, it's very beautiful and special.  There was an afternoon function held in this church where you could eat at well. I guess it's a special Christmas service.  We came to ask if there any English speaking church, and the answer was NO!!!  That's terrible bad, I don't want to miss any Christmas eve service. The reason why I came here for Christmas eve was also because there were many churches~~~~My last Christmas eve was in Shanghai but I still could find an English speaking church to attend.  I thought we could find one in Japan too.

I love this picture, very beautiful....white snow and red face was also very white in this picture too..You wouldn't believe how tan I am now after the Cambodia & Vietnam trip..

From the mid level an looked back, a very nice harbor.  Unlike Hong Kong, it's very peaceful.  I don't mean Victoria harbor is bad, still I think Victoria harbor is one of the most beautiful harbors in the world.  Here is just something different!

This pink house was so beautiful but it had a sad name

It's called "Lai Kindergarten" which means remembrance of love

This giant building called "Old Public Hall Hakodate Ward"....

The background

The wars is very grand, but it actually experienced a terrible fire attack.

As we always found a free way to enter some paid after wr bought the ticket, so this time we tried to visit the back yard first to see if there is any free way to enter

We didn't find any free way to enter, so we paid the admission fee and enter it.  Michelle & Alban got the student cards, so they could buy the discounted student tickets.  I tried to buy the student ticket too.  Thanks for my young face, the Japanese believed I was a student and never checked our student cards.

As the wood floor was very clean, the staff asked us to take odd our shoes and provided us slippers.  I saw some girls wearing old royal dressing and took pictures here.  It's very interesting, so I tried too.  It's 1000yen for 30 minutes.

Alban & me at the back verandah..

Did I look like a princess??

A nice ball room...

My back...

After visiting these places, we were heading to the top of the Mount Hakodate

Hakodate is best known for the spectacular views to be enjoyed from Mount Hakodate. Mount Hakodate is a 334 meter high, wooded mountain at the southern end of the peninsula on which much of central Hakodate is located. Facilities at the summit include observation platforms (free of charge), souvenir shops, a cafe and a cafeteria style restaurant.
To get to the top of the mountain, there are two possible ways - either by a cable car or bus.

We chose to take the cable car up, and we saw that long queue......luckily, the queue moved so fast...

We saw the sunset in the mount...there was a big crowd but the view was very beautiful.

Michelle and me....very cold!!!

Very nice.....

It's very cold up the mountain!!!!  So we decided to have our early Christmas eve the restaurant in the mount.  I read the comments on my book, that restaurant was so high class due to its locations.  However, the price was very reasonable!!  It's bad that we didn't make our reservation, so we couldn't sit near the table and needed to wait a bit.  As we had our dinner before  6pm, so not that many people, we just waited for a while only.

This is our dinner.....

with an ice-cream too....The food was good and cheap, we shared the food and everyone paid only around HKD$100 something!!!  I had dinner in the Peak of HK, and we paid like more than HKD800!!  I start to think Japan is not a very expensive country and Hong Kong is!!

After the dinner, we came back to the mountain to see the night view of Hakodate...

Wow...we were shocked!!!  That's very beautiful!!!

People counted the night view of Hakodate among the world's three best night views along with those of Hong Kong and Naples

I am so proud of the night view of Hong Kong but I still love the night view of Hakodate!!  It gives a totally different feeling and it's so romantic.  I wish I could come again with my future beloved!!

Michelle and me..........

Alban and me~~~

We passed through this
Hakodate United Church of Christ in the afternoon . From the poster, I knew they had he Christmas Eve services at 6:30pm, we arrived here after the dinner at 7pm.  Due to the name of the church, I thought they might have the English services.  When we first arrive, a very nice old woman welcome us to sit down.  However, I found that we just missed the singing and the pastor was just started speaking in Japanese.  We couldn't understand at all, so we had no choice but leave the church.  What a pity that I couldn't attend any service today!!!

As we missed the services, we decided to take the tram back to Ben's home to have a mini Christmas party

I appreciated the Japanese so much, they always decorated everything so nice..

This cute Christmas tram..

We came back to Fujiya to buy the Christmas cake...and take the photo with Peko-chan (牛奶妹 ).  The staff here is very nice, normally, you could get a free Peko-chan plate as a souvenir when you bought the Christmas.  However, the staff offered us two free plates for was very nice to us!!!!  As a result, both of Michelle and me got a free plate to Hong Kong!!

This is the view outside Ben's apartment!

We bought a champagne in the supermarket for our mini Christmas party!!  Ben was also at home, so we 4 had a peaceful small party!!!

Our Christmas cake!!!  What a quiet Christmas Eve night!!

After the mini home party, Ben invited us to his friend's apartment to have another party.   All of his friends were English teacher too, they had a quiet party at one of the teachers apartment.  We stayed here for around an hour.

After that party, we went to a little Irish bar to have a little  drinking and private chat.  It's nice to have Alban around, we met him after Christmas last year in Shanghai.  We spent the Christmas Eve together in HK in 2005!!!!

We counted down our Christmas eve here finally and then went back to sleep.  Ben didn't come back tonight.

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photo by: tj1777