South Korea & Japan Winter Trip 2007 - Day 11

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South Korea & Japan Winter Trip 2007 - Day 11

23/12 Fort Goryōkaku, game station, supermarket, departmental store, Fujiya, Kanemori red brick warehouse group

As we're planned to celebrate our Christmas in Hakodate, so we will stay in this small town for 3 nights.  I think it's more than enough for this tiny city.  As a result, we didn't set any alarm and let's to wake up automatically.  I think it's very important to give a long sleep for refreshment, especially here come to the mid road of our journey.

So we got up at the 12pm something, and Ben prepared some Corn Flake with yogurt for our breakfast.  Thanks for his niceness.   He left us alone after the breakfast, we thought that it's our responsibility to clean our dishes.  We used the traditional method-

Rock-paper-scissors to determine who was going to wash the dishes!

So bad that I was the loser and so here I was cleaning.  I found there were some dirty old dishes, so I helped him to clean all of them as well.

This strawberry chocolate was bought in Otaru, very delicious!!!!  If you ever come to Hokkaido, you should try it and buy some for me, OK?

Actually, I didn't really like the breakfast and Michelle didn't eat it, so we still go out to have brunch!!!!   There is a noodle restaurant near Ben's apartment

These are the noodle we ordered....very famous..

This is the cold noodle.  Since we ate the best cold noodle last night, so this one wasn't special at all.

He is the chef, haha, so funny!!

As Alban is a French guy, so he was so happy to see some French on street.

There were many churches in Hakodate, that's also one of my reasons to stay here for Christmas.

Actually, Ben live in a tram station called Goryōkaku(�"棱郭), it's very close to the Goryōkaku Fort, we walked to the park after lunch.

Fort Goryōkaku  is famous as the site of the last battle of the Boshin War. On December 9 (lunar calendar October 26), 1868, Ōtori Keisuke and Hijikata Toshizo and their troops entered the fort. A week after Hijikata's death, on June 27 (lunar calendar May 18), 1869, Goryokaku fell to the new army of Japan, and much of it was reduced to ruin.

So this the park!!

In Japan, many tree were treated like this.

This Fort is Japan's first Western style fortress. Its ruins are now the Goryokaku Park, which in May becomes one of Hokkaido's most popular spots for cherry blossom viewing.  We are not coming in cherry blossom season, but a snow season!

I think the snow make everywhere so beautiful.

Michelle & Me~~~She was still wearing her pink ski trousers....

We found swings here... happy & relaxing..haven't played the swing since the Mid-Autumn Festival 2005 in Hung Hom...with Michelle + yellowah too...

The best thing was not many people here, so it's like we owned the whole park!

Beautiful trees......Alban was trying to climb on the slope but he failed and his jacket and pants got very dirty then...stupid Alban!

If you go up the tower,  you will see the star shape of that park!  However, we're sick of we didn't go up...

So this the the park look like.

The milk is so famous here, so that we must try it even we're very full!!

After a short trip to the Fort Goryōkaku , we went to the a shopping apartment as I had to look for the cleanser for my contact lens.  However, we came out to stay here for a very long time..

I wanted to buy a warming hear set like Michelle, but then found out that cute pink hat for Alban...hahah..very suitable for him!!!'s just kidding, he is not gay!

Then we went to a game station and found this game table that we were used to play when we're young!!!

The first Match: Alban Vs Michelle, Alban won!

The second match: Michelle Vs me.  I won!!

Final Match: Alban Vs me, Alban won!! could see we had a good warm up, so take we could take off our jacket to play this final game!

It's very difficult for this big boy get in the police cab!

But it's very for me to get in this new JR!!

We had taken a photo sticker here as it's very cheap (only 300yen)...very good quality as well!!!  We just realized that we had never taken a photo sticker in HK!!!  In fact we hadn't taken it for a long time already!!

We met a very nice and helpful staff here.  As the game machine got some problem, she helped us to reset it for three times, then she actively came to ask us if we want to laminate our photo sticker!!!   So nice!!!  Also, we found that this girl could speak very good English that we had seldom met in Japan.  So I told her I really appreciated her English and job attitude!!!  Then she thanked us and asked where were we from.  Guess what??  She is a Chinese!!!!  She came to Japan for studying and it's her part time job!!!  Then she spoke with us in Mandarin!!!  What a coincidence!!

Then we went to the basement that was a supermarket.  A big tip for backpackers, if you are short of money in Japan, you can come to the basement of all big department store.  As there is always supermarket there and they always provide many free samples, you can get really full here!!!

Doraemon chocolate!!

After leaving this department store, we moved to another snacks shop - FUJIYA where you can see a famous cartoon cartoon!!

Peko-chan (牛奶妹 )..IF you buy the Christmas cake here, you can get a free dish!

Very attractive christmas cake

very nice~~~

I was quite sure we'd come back tomorrow as it's Christmas Eve!!

So cute

Then we went to a harbour side where there were a Kanemori red brick warehouse group, but now they were all turned to a shopping arcade.

There was Christmas celebrating function was held here.  We saw some Japanese was performing break dance.

The shops in the shopping arcade were so similar to the shops that in Otaru....I remembered that shop was also found in Otaru too, all products were sold in 1050 yen.

Maria in a small chapel.

Hello Kitty collection!!

Yes..You can find many Hello Kitty in Japan...

So bad that I am not a big fans of hello kitty.

I wanted to eat the big crab so bad last night, but that restaurant was close.  Alban wanted to eat the sausages, but that restaurant was too expensive.  So we didn't eat what we wanted last night.  Alban really wanted to eat the sausages, so Michelle and me let his dream come true.

So this is the restaurant, it looks quite high class!!  However, the price listed in the menu is very resasonable!!

Inside the restaurant, it was a beer house before, but now people converted it as a western restaurant.

This cheese soup in bread is very tsty!!!!  It looks very attractive as well!!

So here are the sausages, when we saw how happy Alban when he had the sausages, we felt this money was so worthy to spend.

Very nice food!!!!

After a nice dinner, we took this cute tram back to Ben's apartment.  He was not at home tonight, but he gave us a spare key, so there was no problem for us!!  It's very surprising and quite difficult for we Hong Kong people to understand how could he be that nice??  To be honest, I don't think I am able to welcome a stranger to live in my home and just leave a key to them and I stay in somewhere else. 

Perhaps, we are Chinese and he is a westerner!!!!  I don't know!!!  Of course we are nice people that we don't steal him anything, in fact, there is nothing to be stolen in his apartment too....

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photo by: tj1777