South Korea & Japan Winter Trip 2007 - Day 9 ~ 21/12 Skiing at Niseko

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South Korea & Japan Winter Trip 2007 - Day 9

21/12  Skiing at Niseko

I had searched some information about the skiing venue in Japan and found that Niseko was one of the place where suitable for beginners.   Also, Niseko is located somewhere on the way from Otaru to Hakodate, as we'd go to Hakodate later, Niseko was the perfect place for us!!

After having a light breakfast in our hotel

The JR station was all covered by snow, it's very beautiful and romantic!!! 

Here we go

Inside the JR.  It took around 1.5 hour from Otaru to Niseko.

Alban set a timer and then they 2 acted a cool shot!

All the farm were covered by snow, and we could see a bit of blue sky that is rare from the window of the JR.

beautiful view from train.

This was our destination, not exactly the Niseko JR station as this

This the little family house we stay.  It's very cheap and the boss here are very nice.  Highly recommended!!  The name of this hotel called ニセコ 遊牧民  Niseko Nomad (yubokumin), the boss called 吉川 邦弘 Kuni hiro Yoshikawa, he had been China and love it so much!!  You can book the hotel by sending email to him directly, the website of this home hostel is

It's only \5000 per each, if you are under 23 years old, you can have 500 yen discount too!!  The price is included very great dinner and breakfast!  You can rent all you ski cloth and equipment for 1000 yen, that is much cheaper than renting in Niseko Hirafu Skiing place where it will charge you around 6000yen.  The son of Kuni and him offer some cheap ski lesson to us as well.  It's only 3500yen per each one for 2 hours, you can join the lesson in Niseko Hirafu  with same price but in group and Japanese teaching.  However, here they teach you one on one and using English!!!  So it's perfect.  I'll highly suggest all people come here, it's just a lovely place to stay!!

After we got all our cloth & equipment on, we were ready to ski!!

Skiing wear is a magic, everyone looks cool by wearing them, you see? Even Alban can be that smart!!

So here are Michelle & me.  Do we look cool??  The red one is the boss, and the green one is he son!!

I don't know why the boss give me the pink outfit, I think it may be a bit too cute for me!!

As Alban knew how to ski already while Michelle & me were first time to ski, so we splitted!  The boss & his son tried to teach us on the flat ground, it's quite difficult to handle some time.  It's very easy to be over speeded and I will ski uncontrollably!

The boss taught us if we felt it's too fast and uncontrollably, we should sit down immediately.  It's the safest way to avoid getting hurt!!  I tried to sit down then I found it's very difficult to stand up again, as the ski shoes were very heavy!!!!!

After some basic training, we bought a one way lift ticket to the lowest stop!!  Yes. this kind of stuff is called "lift"!!

It's my first time to take this kind of lift, it's quite exciting especially when it first started moved!!  My body tended to be move forward due to the know the physic theory....Newton First law!!   Luckily, the boss accompanied me and alerted me before and hold me a bit so that I didn't scare at all!!  However, Michelle was a bit unlucky, she fell down when the lift was landed and it took a bit of time for her to stand up again!!

it's quite high indeed, but the slope isn't so deep, so it's easier for beginner!

I skied fine at the beginning, however when the boss asked me to ski in the flatter side, I skied uncontrolled to a deeper side!!!  For the worst, I was skiing backward (倒轉來ski) must feel funny when you hear this but you won't understand how scared I was at that moment.  I didn't know what happened to my back, perhaps I'd hit someone or I reach the margin of the mountain!!!  Who knows??  Then the boss shouted to me and asked me to sit down!!  Finally, I sat down and sleep in the snow like a  大 shape~~I know it's quite embarrassing, but it's OK as I didn't get hurt!!  Then it took a while for me to stand up again!!  Since then the son of boss took care of me, he ski backward and hold the tip of my ski shoes, whenever my speed become too high, he would stopped me!!!!  Thank for this little kid!!  hahha...although he is already like 20 years old!!!  Why I said he was kid?? As in te website of this hostel, I thought his sons were only kids!!!

I wish I could ski freely like him in one day

Thanks Kid~~~~

After a long day, we came back the hostel and the wife of Mr Yoshikawa had already prepared the dinner to us that looked very nice and taste very good!!!  He is a lucky man to have a good wife!!!

After the dinner, we went to the hot spring!!!  This hot spring was not as nice as in  Noboribestu, but it's cheap!!  Then we came back the hostel and stayed at the living room to talk with Mr Yoshikawa.  What a nice experience today!! My first time to ski!!  So bad that Michelle and I had no confident to ski alone, and we were short of money to take lesson anymore.  Also, we wanted to see something else, so Mr Yoshikawa helped us to arrange some activities for tomorrow!!

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photo by: brybrys2003