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The torture museum is located just outside the Charles Bridge, and it was one of the suprising parts of my trip.  I have been to Tower of London and have seen torture museums before that collect devious contraptions that punish and hurt.  However, the Torture Museum in Prague is sooo much better than all the ones that I have visited before. 

First, the collection is very impressive, over 60 instruments of pain, from chastity belts, to axes, to the rack, to something called the "tickler"... Besides having the devices in great condition, they also gave indepth descriptions of how the device was used, and if that wasn't enough there were indepth drawings to help you out!

Most of these devices where used to punish or kill the guilty for deeds that they have done, but I was surprised at how many of these things were used to get "confessions" out of prisoners.  Now after looking a few of these, I knew that I would "confess" to just about anything for the pain to stop. 

This museum is well worth the visit, it will only take you an hour to do the entire tour, but you will get a much deeper appreciation for todays civilized judicial process.   You know that there is no way that you would face the "rack" in present times just because your neighbor doesn't like you and spreads all kinds of lies about you.  That reminds me, I should say hi to my crazy neighbors a little more often ;)

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Looks very comfortable ;)
Looks very comfortable ;)
photo by: vulindlela