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two or three years a go in a morning of september a friend of me call me to know if i want to do something strange naturaly i said yes so he explain me this week end we go with some friend at the mt washington to do the party and sure i accept it!!!!!!!!!!!

so we put the stuff in the trcuk and go on the road to the vermont to climb the mountain!!!!!!!!!!!!so sure in the road the party beggin all people have some stange hat and strange cloth so at the custom the guy look us and sure said go to the other line is the time for check all the car !!!!!!!!!oh yes lost of time approximatly 2 hours so after that we stop to the dudy free and now its time to buy the stuff for the party so each guy (8 in the truck) buy 2 bottle each of the drink he likes so mutiply by 8 so now 16 bottle for a week end sounds go so take the roads again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

arrive to the united state stop time to eat and sure to buy some beer cause is not enought 16 bottles each so a couple a beer is nice too!!!!!!!!!!!!so arrive to the mount now its time to go at half of way and take a little sleep there cause sure is late to go at the top at the first day!!!!!!!sure at half of way the party beggin but slowly for the first day sleep time at 5 in the morning!!!!!!!!!!!wake up call at 7 to direction the top !!!!!!!!!take a little breakfast a can of corn one beer and go its time to go now!!!!!!!!!!!!

the tempature when we strat is approxiamtly 16 degree not bad for september so the fun beggin!!!!!!!!!!!after 2 hour of climbing and maybe 7 beer drinking at this time we are maybe at the half of way to the top and the tempature fall at 7 degrree so no big shirt and no coat on it only in t-shirt yes not very intelligent but its life  we continu 15 minute after the rain beggin and now its not funny!!!!!!!!!!but my only respect is my beer so open a another one and continu the road!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!arrive at the top i think the tempature was very freezing 2 degree hard wind more rain but only in one side not all my t-shirt but very cold!!!!!!!!!!!!arrive at the top now it time for the party andmake good fun there!!!!!!!!!!!

but we suppose to return at the basecamp at night sure we arrive at night drunk and a little bit freezee too!!!!!!!!!!!and the party wascontinu all the night so this trip was only for fun and i swear i have it much!!!!!!!!!!!!

mario26 says:
ahahahaah thank u man!!!!!!!!i know beer is not good for me but i will try to be a better man !!!!!!ahahahahahaha
Posted on: Feb 18, 2008
villan says:
Great blog! And they say beer is bad for you. It worked wonders in your case!
Posted on: Feb 18, 2008
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mt washington
photo by: mario26