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Historic house in Puerto Varas.
Further to the last entry, Melissa froze last night!  She put on an extra doona and still felt like an ice-block.  We need an extra night here, but told the owner that the heating needs to go on or we´d move.  When we got back after buying our tickets to Bariloche, a little heater was on, but not sure how effective it{s going to be.  The night was not restful in general, because some of the Pachamama by Bus people went out to a bar, got very drunk then stayed in the communal area (which is right outside all of the bedrooms) until 3am being very loud and smoking wacky backy!  It never ceases to amaze us how inconsiderate of others many backpackers are.  We would not dream of making noise after midnight when we know many others have to get up early to catch buses, do tours etc.
View over Puerto Varas from the hill above.
, and need some rest.  Please read this and take note if you are one of those rude and inconsiderate people who think only of themselves!!
We spent the morning and early afternoon walking around the township.  There are many old buildings made of shingles, mostly built by the early German settlers and it would be great if the town council produced some sort of guide to these, because apparently many housed famous or important people from the area.  We had a fantastic coffee and cake here, the best cake we´ve had in a long time!  The deal cost CP1400 (abuot A$4) and got us a cup of Nescafe each, and a huge slab of cake of our choice.  Noel had a sort of apple pie, but Melissa´s was epic - a layer of cake drenched in a lemon syrup, with a layer of marzipan on top between another layer of the cake, with a sort of pavlova meringue topping.
The main church in Puerto Varas.
  It´s the best cake in Chile, and possibly the world!!  The staff were really friendly and we had a lovely half hour or so here at Cafe Hausmann.  We also found the Orvis fishing equipment shop (just checking it out for Melissa´s dad) and then met another Aussie couple in a local shop.  They came from near Cairns but were living in the Falkland Islands where the wife is teaching at a local school, a bit of a lifestyle change from Queensland!  Spent the rest of the day wrapped in a doona and huddled around the small heater at the hostel, praying that the one in Bariloche would be warmer!  We later found out that we were the last guests before the hostel closes, so they obviously weren´t too bothered about service.
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Historic house in Puerto Varas.
Historic house in Puerto Varas.
View over Puerto Varas from the hi…
View over Puerto Varas from the h…
The main church in Puerto Varas.
The main church in Puerto Varas.
View of the Osorno volcano over th…
View of the Osorno volcano over t…
Puerto Varas
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