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The truck from hell in which we bruised every piece of flesh on our bodies, on the way to Barreirinhas! It hurt especially when our heads hit the roof at high speed!

9 September:
Very boring day today, travelled by public bus to Tortuia which was simply a stopping off point to get to Barreirinhas the next day.  Very easy to see why, there is nothing to do there and the shops have nothing in them, couldn´t even find a bar that was open.  We ended up finding a mini-market with some cheap rum (the coke on the other hand was exorbitant!) and we all just sat around the pousada all afternoon and evening.  Met 4 travellers who passed the evening with us (2 Brits, 2 Austrians) and they´re basically following the same route as us, so weill probably keep crossing paths.  The pousada here is very basic, but very few in town.

10 September:
Had the worst journey of our trip today, ended up getting a 4WD truck thing over the back route to Barreirinhas.

The sand dunes and lagoons outside Berreirinhas.
  Our driver had no idea where he was going and the 3 hour trip turned into 5 hours of agony!  We were all crammed into the back with our bags, couldn´t move our legs, and because the driver was going way too fast for the conditions, every bump turned into an extravaganza of pain and agony - we are covered in cuts and bruises from the vehicle.  The scenery was extremely boring, miles of never-ending scrub, never been so glad to hit tarmac in our lives!  Barreirinhas is much better than Tortuia, has some small supermarkets and a few nice little restaurants.  The main problem is ants, Melissa´s pina colada was full of them and the waiter just laughed and said they must have been in the sugar (no suggestion that they might replace the drink with one with no ants!).
Swimming in the blue lagoon in the dunes national park outside Barreirinhas.
  Main thing here is visiting the sand dunes, which we´ll do tomorrow.

11 September:
Did a trip today out to the sand dune, luckily this trip had padded seats so although bumpy, it was much more comfortable!  Trip out to the dunes took about 45 minutes including a river ferry crossing.  The dunes are very white and soft, so walking up and down is quite difficult, but in between there are various nice little lagoons (apparently fresh water, like on Fraser Island off Queensland).  However, absolutely no shade, so were slathering on the sunscreen and trying to keep a little covered during our 3 hours in the midday heat.  The lagoons were really lovely for a cool-down, but the cold shower back at the pousada was most refreshing.  Once we arrived back into the town, we went down and had lunch on the river, listening to the CD seller´s collection - hits of the 80s, cool!

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The truck from hell in which we br…
The truck from hell in which we b…
The sand dunes and lagoons outside…
The sand dunes and lagoons outsid…
Swimming in the blue lagoon in the…
Swimming in the blue lagoon in th…
photo by: sissanoel