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Quiet couple of days, this Sunday and Monday.  Spent most of Sunday snoozing (after a yummy brunch at our local cafe,although not the same without our little waiter friend who seems to be on holidays).  Noel did manage to watch the Euro 2008 final, which Spain won, so enjoyed some popular culture!

On Monday, we took our box of souvenirs etc. to the post office to go home.  To send a package overseas, you  have to go to a special international post office where it gets inspected by customs before posting.  Mind you, when we arrived, there was no customs man, so they had to go and find one.  By the time he turned up,the queue was getting rather long so glad we got there early.  Took us quite a while to get to the post office (near Retiro train station) because the subte workers called a snap strike, which made the traffic really dense.  We could probably have walked there quicker, but enjoyed a ride on a colectivo instead.  The actual post office is very chaotic and not clear what´s going on most of the time, so allow plenty of time if you inted going there yourself!  We asked for the box (4.5kgs) to be sent certified and were only charged A$1 for this service (which seems very cheap, considering the information board said it should cost A$85!), so hope it all arrives.  Maybe the man like us and gave us a deal, because we had everything arranged correctly and didn´t waste his time!  Walked home past the Torre Ingles (which was not open to visit), up Florida and then 9 de Julio.  Indulged in a nice coffee and dulce de leche cake to break the arduous journey, delicious!

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