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The Natural History Museum in Parque Quinta Normal

Another combination entry, or the days wouldn´t have much in them!

22 March:
Lots of walking today, went down Catedral all the way to the Parque Quinta Normal, a lovely green space in the middle of the city.  It has a lagoon in the middle, which used to be a swimming pool, but you can now row boats around it.  Went to find the Salvador Allende Museum, but on arrival at the address, found it has moved to another location.  Will head over another day.  The museum houses a fairly modern art collection, which was hidden during the dictatorship years, and brought out again for display after Pinochet´s demise.  Kept walking over to the Estacion Central, which is the main train and bus terminal, but also houses a big shopping centre.

Parque Quinta Normal
  The shopping centre was nothing very different, but there are lots of local markets in the vicinity, so went for a wander and bought Noel a t-shirt.  Walked all the way back along Av. O´Higgins to our street (Amunategui) and went home to watch a movie about Mother Teresa and one about the life of Pope JOhn Paul II (both in Spanish, but we got the general idea!).  Very religious for Easter.

23 March:
Woke up Easter Sunday to eat our little packet of chocolate eggs - not our usual choc. extravaganza, but much better for us!  Tried to go to the Pre-Columbian museum, but it was shut.  We were told it would be open, even on Easter Sunday, but it appeared that all government concerns were closed, so we´ll go next weekend.  It costs CP$3000 to get in, but free on Sunday, so worth doing that to save a few dollars.

Estacion Central, designed by Gustav Eiffel
  Walked over to Pio Nono and had a look through some tourist shops, before taking the funicular up to the top of the hill from which you get a fantastic view of Santiago, smog and all!  From there, we took the cable-car over as far as we could and then walked back down the hill, across to Providencia and home. 

24 March:
Didn´t achieve very much today, went to the tourist info centre to get her to book some winery tours for us, but it was shut.  After trying to find the free tourist shuttle to the huge Mall Parque Arauco shopping centre, we ended up getting a public bus as far as we could and then walking.  Exhausted by the time we got there, and then had to walk around the centre!  It´s a pretty expensive one, with all the top shops, but nice to have a wander around.

View of an autumn park in SAntiago, lots of these all over the place. It´s a very green city.
  Also enjoyed another ice-cream, but they give you a lot less out here in wealthy-ville, so we´ll stick to our ones in town from now on!  Took us ages to find the bus stop to get home, but made it for an hour´s rest before heading out to have dinner with our friend HJ and Steve.  Went to Golinda´s in Barrio Bella Vista, very nice parillada (BBQ) meal, loads of meat and then dessert plus three bottles of wine - nice way to spend the evening!

25 March:
Easy day today.  Went to the tourist info, and the lady booked our tour for Viña Cousiño Macul for tomorrow.  We got some photos printed for NOel´s mum (not an internet person), met HJ and walked up to the Mercado Central for lunch.  HJ and Melissa had seafood, but Noel (who´s allergic) managed to get a roast chicken, chips and egg meal, so he was happy.

View of city as we went up the funicular
  The central stalls at the market are the expensive tourist restaurants - needless to say, we stuck to the cheaper ones on the outer edge!  You cannot walk through the market without being accosted at every step by the restaurant owners trying to get you in, it becomes very tiring after a while!  Walked back down the second hand clothes street (shop after shop of second hand clothes, you can even buy them in 10 kilo lots!).  Said goodbye to HJ, who leaves on the next leg of her trip tomorrow, it´ll be strange here without her!

26 March:
Visited the winery Cousiño Macul today, went out on the metro and then walked the last leg.  It´s a beautiful old setting, the buildings are over 150 years old and the staff very nice.  The tour only lasts half an hour, but they give you good sized tastings, so we stretched those out a bit!  This is the only winery in Chile which is still 100% family owned, and they have a personal cellar full of all the good stuff they´ve produced over the years - our guide said he´s working on marrying one of the daughters so that he can access the "library" at will!  Had our picnic lunch in their grounds, and then walked back to the metro and home.

Melissa, not very excited about leaving the cable-car station! You fly out really quickly, before the little cabin stabilises.
  Did intend to go out again in the afternoon, but fell asleep - this being on holiday is very hard work!

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The Natural History Museum in Parq…
The Natural History Museum in Par…
Parque Quinta Normal
Parque Quinta Normal
Estacion Central, designed by Gust…
Estacion Central, designed by Gus…
View of an autumn park in SAntiago…
View of an autumn park in SAntiag…
View of city as we went up the fun…
View of city as we went up the fu…
Melissa, not very excited about le…
Melissa, not very excited about l…
View from the top of the hill, sho…
View from the top of the hill, sh…
Grounds of Viña Cousiño Macul
Grounds of Viña Cousiño Macul
Museum casks, Viña Cousiño Macul.
Museum casks, Viña Cousiño Macul.
photo by: Bluetraveler