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One of the St Bernards the owners drag around the plaza for tourists to take photos of. They obviously get bored, because the little barrels around their necks are well chewed!
Monday 5 May:
Last full day in Bariloche today, and not a huge amount to do as the museums are closed on Mondays.  Decided to splash out and take a ride on the ´Happy Train´, one of those kitschy little tourist buses that scoots around the streets.  Although not usually our sort of thing, it actually turned out to be very good.  The guide/driver is from an old Bariloche family, and is a mine of information about the area.  The tour went into the more residential areas that tourists normally don´t see and the guide showed us the difference between the modern, new town based solely on tourism and the old residential town that grew up before the tourist hordes arrived.  The old town is just up and over the hill from the lake and toourist area, but not many people make the trip.
The happy train, on which we had quite a happy time!
  The tour was in Spanish, but the guide spoke very clearly and slowly and therefore if you have some Spanish you should be able to take most of it in. We were quite impressed with the whole thing, particularly the bit at the end when you get a free hot chocolate at the last stop!  We then wandered around town a bit more and tried the hot chocolate and pastries at Mamuschka chocolatier.  This was recommended as one of the best places for chocolate, and so far, we concur.  Put a big bag of laundry in and found it would only cost 10 pesos, so it is definitely much cheaper here than in Chile, even accounting for this being a tourist area.  Ended the night with dinner in a local restaurant, after our ´pampering´at Inch beauty shop.  We got a discounted rate for Melissa to have a pedicure and leg wax, and Noel a massage, after Melissa´s haircut the other day.
View of the old township of Bariloche, just over the hill from the tourist precinct.
  Have to say, however, that we were not particularly impressed.  Melissa has never had such an unhygienic beauty treatment in her life!  The room was dirty with wax, hair, nail clippings etc on the floor, the instruments used had not been washed or sterilised, just taken out of a lunchbox and then put straight back in again after use, the towels were dirty and the lady had cuts on her hands that bled all over Melissa during the treatment.  Just hoping that we haven´t caught anything nasty!  Noel´s massage was so-so, not very relaxing with the girl´s mobile phone going off during the session and having to lie on a trestle table rather than a proper massage table.  Oh well, we live and learn!

Tuesday 6 May:
Heading off to Mendoza on the 4.30pm bus this afternoon, so just wandered around doing odd jobs.  Had a look at the Museum of Patagonia, which was quite good.  Fairly small, but they give you a couple of booklets in English to explain the more important exhibits, and as they were quite detailed, we got a good grounding of the history of the area.  Then had a hot chocolate at Rapa Nui (on a par with Mamuschka for the chocolate connoisseurs!) - looks like hot chocolate has replaced our ice-cream addiction from Chile, but our excuse is that it´s cold and we need to be warmed up.  Had lunch at Cocodrilos just behind the arch leading to Mitre from the plaza.  Huge portions, good service and cheap prices - recommended!
Imwideawake says:
Im going to argentina this summer. I'm mostly going to stay in Buenos Aires, but I think im going to take a weekend excursion to Bariloche. I enjoyed reading your blog and its very informative I hope your enjoying Argentina. I know I will.
Posted on: May 06, 2008
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One of the St Bernards the owners …
One of the St Bernards the owners…
The happy train, on which we had q…
The happy train, on which we had …
View of the old township of Barilo…
View of the old township of Baril…
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