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Oasis on the way to Jericoacoara.
5 September:
Spent most of today travelling (again, will be a staple part of this trip).  Waited in the full sun for about an hour for the bus to take us to the coast, a trip of about 5 1/2 hours.  Got to see a movie about Sherlock Holmes and Watson meeting as school boys (a fiction based on a fiction, but quite enjoyable!) then about half of Lemony Snicket´s Series of Unfortunate Events - we all want to know what happens next!  Staying at a fairly basic pousada about 10 minutes from the centre of town by foot, the roads are all sand and the wind whips it all over you.  Had dinner in town at a very nice little restaurant - reasonably priced and good food, but for the life of us can´t remember what it´s called - sorry!  Melissa looked at getting surfing lessons, but this place is built solely around ripping off tourists - they wanted R500 for a 3 hour lesson (the equivalent was R60 in Pipa!).
Expensive umbrellas on the Jeri beach.
  The trip in to the town on the 4WD truck was nice, through the dunes of the national park while the sun was setting.  Could see people kite surfing as we arrived - apparently this is a prime place in the world for that, but not much else.

6 September:
Melissa not well at all today, seems she has what Noel had about a month ago in Paraty.  Spent the night in the bathroom and all day in bed, but feeling a bit better tonight.  Noel went to the beach with a few of the others, but they gave up after not long because the wind covers you in sand continuously.  Also, the umbrellas were very expensive as was any of the food/drinks people were walking around selling.
Fishermen of Jeri.
  They have a monopoly here because the town is in a park, and they exploit it to the hilt.  Noel also walked up the top of the big sand dune to watch the sunset, which was apparently very nice.  Went out to a little Italian restaurant for dinner - very nice food at fair prices.  Once again, the key here is to read the menu before you go into the restaurants, many charge double for exactly the same thing others are charging much less for.  Don´t be ripped off!  We were told that Jericoacoara is a backpackers paradise, but we find it hard to believe that your average backpacker could survive here on a budget, unless you spend the whole day comparing prices!
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Oasis on the way to Jericoacoara.
Oasis on the way to Jericoacoara.
Expensive umbrellas on the Jeri be…
Expensive umbrellas on the Jeri b…
Fishermen of Jeri.
Fishermen of Jeri.
Windsurfers at Jeri, apparently th…
Windsurfers at Jeri, apparently t…
Sand boarding at Jeri on the mega …
Sand boarding at Jeri on the mega…
More Jeri boarding.
More Jeri boarding.
Sunset over the Jeri dunes, from t…
Sunset over the Jeri dunes, from …
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