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Exterior of Dom Bosco Sanctuary
31 July:
Had a very lazy day at home today, then a lovely Italian meal out with Tim in the evening.

1 August:
Our 2nd last day of proper sight-seeing today.  Tim dropped us off near his work and we made our way to the Dom Bosco Sanctuary, another very modernistic religious building.  It is a large rectangular concrete box, with the walls covered in Murano glass tiles of 12 different shades of blue to represent a starry sky.  Must say it looks quite spectacular as the sun shines through into the interior, and reflects off the huge crystal chandelier in the centre of the room, which weighs 2 1/2 tonnes.  The church was designed by Carlos Alberto Neves and opened in 1970.  There are 80 columns in Gothic style, 16 metres high each and the doors feature bronze religious designs.
Interior of Dom Bosco Sanctuary
  The church is very peaceful and was being used by people praying while we were there, so certainly not just a display piece.
We then caught the subway system out onto the south 'wing tip' of the Pilot Plan to visit the Temple of Good Will, created by the Legion of Good Will in 1989 as a symbol of universal solidarity.  A massive 49 pound crystal sits atop the temple, one of the largest pure crystal pieces in the world.  There seem to be a lot of unusual religious groups operating in Brazil, but this one seems to be less whacky than most - it's aim seems to be just bringing together most of the religions of the world in 'ecumenical fraternity'.  There are various rooms and halls for meditation and prayer, plus an art gallery, water fountain and the mausoleum of the founder of the group right in the centre.
The Temple of Good Will
  Many communities from around the world have donated interesting and quite good quality art work and religious artefacts, so plenty to look at while you're here.  We were actually surprised at how interesting we found the site, thought it would be just a quick visit and off again, but we spent a good hour wandering around.  The staff were very helpful and when the greeter realised we didn't understand much Portuguese she went and found us a brochure in English.  Apparently the Temple of Good Will fulfills a prophecy by Dom Bosco forecasting that Brasilia would become the world centre point of spirituality, so there you go!
We then caught a bus back along the W3 road to the centre to visit the TV Tower.  We caught the lift to the top for a great view over the city, which showed us just how much traffic this city actually has!  At the base of the tower is a market selling the usual tourist tat, along with a number of restaurants.
The big crystal atop the Temple of Good Will
  We refreshed ourselves with a cold coconut and sugar cane drink, giving us the energy to walk down to the bus station and come home.  We were extremely impressed to find a a bus-driver who actually knew how to drive a bus without attemping to kill all his passengers - this one drove carefully and sensibly, as opposed to the norm where they fly around corners at top speed, thinking they're still in their sports cars and forgetting there are 50 or so people behind them hanging on for dear life!!
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Exterior of Dom Bosco Sanctuary
Exterior of Dom Bosco Sanctuary
Interior of Dom Bosco Sanctuary
Interior of Dom Bosco Sanctuary
The Temple of Good Will
The Temple of Good Will
The big crystal atop the Temple of…
The big crystal atop the Temple o…
The altar and meditative space ins…
The altar and meditative space in…
View of Brasilia towards the Congr…
View of Brasilia towards the Cong…
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