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Interior of the front room of the Museo Mazzoni, Maldonado.
Woke up to cold weather and rain today, think our run of good luck with the weather might be over.  We walked around to the Museo Mazzoni, just one block behind our hotel.  This museum is run by the council and is free, and is jam-packed with furniture and bric-a-brac from the past couple of hundred years.  We saw stuffed animals, old surgical instruments, old Mason regalia and even the painting smock and ´last pair of boots´of the artis Balnes (not sure whether he was wearing them at the end or not!).  The building is an old aristrocrat´s house, and some of the wall decorations are amazing - murals and dainty flowers dotted on plain walls.  You could gaze for hours at the myriad of little items displayed in the cases if you had the time and inclination.
Torre del Vigla, Maldonado.
  The lady was very friendly and let us in early, as we´d got there a bit before opening time.
We then walked down to the Torre del Vigla, built in 1799 as a watchtower over the Rio de la Plata.  It is now closed up, but the 17 metre high structure is worth a look anyway.  Next stop the bus station to buy our tickets back to Montevideo tomorrow, thought we´d do it now in case Friday was busy and we´d have to wait.  Tried to find the Puppet Museum, which is supposed to be within the Paseo San Fernando, but it didn´t appear to be within any of the rooms so maybe it has closed.  After wandering around the streets for another few minutes, we had lunch at a little parrilla restaurant.  Uruguay is famous for its beef, but the chicken is not to be forgotten.  Chicken on the parrilla is delicious, a very smoky flavour, and very moist still.  Also, they seem to have crossed chickens with ostriches, because we´ve never come across any so large! Á quarter chicken would feed a family of 4 anywhere else!  Delicious, though, so we´re not complaining.  The rain was settling in for good now, and as we´ve pretty well finished the sight-seeing, we went back to the hotel to do some emailing and travbuddy updating!  We also got our chips and chocolates this morning, so spent the rest of the afternoon watching TV and eating junk food -que bueno! 
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Interior of the front room of the …
Interior of the front room of the…
Torre del Vigla, Maldonado.
Torre del Vigla, Maldonado.
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