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I just got in from Whitby--did you guys miss me?  I hope so! 
So, Whitby!  It is one of the locations in Dracula and that is why we went to see it...as this is a British Literature CLASS!  I know you might not believe me since all I have been doing is traveling, but I swear, Im doing work too!  So, it took 4 hours by bus to reach Whitby and when we arrived at around 12 in the afternoon at Whitby Abbey it started to rain really bad.  So we ate lunch on the bus and sang songs about sunshine and about 20 minutes later the sun came out!  It was nice. 
So we made the trek up to Whitby Abbey...its not an abbey now...just ruins. But absolutely beautiful!  I wish I could share pictures, but I dont have a cable so I cant transfer them.   So we walked around the ruins and took pictures and then it started to rain again so we went back to the bus.  We checked into our B and B, ate dinner downstairs in the pub and had a dance party!  I didnt dance for long because I was really tired.  I ended up going to bed at 10:45.  22:45 if youre talking England time.  So, the next morning we got up, had a full English breakfast (Mmmmm) and went into the town of Whitby.  We climbed the 199 steps to St. Mary's Chrurch which is one of the locations in the book.  It overlooks the beach and the harbor.  It was raining but really beautiful anyway. 
We then went shopping...and oh, did I shop.  There is a rare stone that Whitby has it is called Black Jet.  And its expensive...so of course I bought tons of it.  Its only found in this town and its millions of years old.  It is said to have magical properties and protect you from evil.  As you can imagine, I bought a ring, a necklass, earrings.....but who's counting?
Then it was raining so badly that we went back to the B and B early and I took a bath, drank some tea, read my book, wrote in my journal....it was fabulous!  One of the first times I have relaxed since I have been here.  It was wonderful.   Then we all ate dinner together and I went upstairs to relax before our Lammas ritual. 
At 8:30...20:30 we had a Lammas ritual.  It is a pagan holiday, Lammas, and we had a harvest ritual...for bounty and such things...it was really nice.  We broke bread together and it was really fun! 
Then we had a serious sing along dance party in the pub.  It was a blast!
And since the pubs here close at 11:30...23:30...we were in bed early! 

Britt and I woke up this morning and had breakfast and packed up our stuff.  We all headed back into Whitby to go the beach on the North Sea.  I put my feet in and it was COLD!!!  VERY COLD!  But so worth it.  Its really beautiful.  The sea itself is a bit dirty...just lots of seaweed and such.  We saw a seal swimming around in the cove where we were...it was SO CUTE!!  I got a picture of it.  It was really adorable!!! 
Then we walked over to the other side of the cove and went in on the other side.  The waves were so rough and knocked us over.  Trista fell in and got soaked.  It was kinda funny!!  But we saved her and got her dry clothes and everything was fine. 
Then we walked out on the stone pier and took pictures of the ocean.  One side was so rough.  It looks like home when there is a hurricane and the water is all fierce and churned.  The cove was calmer, but the waves went uppp and dowwwwn, upppp and dowwwwnnn.  Whitby reminded me of home because it has the beaches and the sea...and the harbour.  But there is so much cod there...everything smells like fish.
We went shopping later and into this stupid Dracula haunted house thing.  It was definitely a waste of £2 but everyone seemed to think it was funny.  Everything was fake and there was a guy in a skull mask scaring you as you walked by...it was funny...creepy, but funny! 
Then we ate at a pub and headed on home.  But not after a bit of shopping!  :)  I have a problem. 
So now Im home safe and sound.  That was just a recap...if there is more to tell I will write, but for now, there is a disco I must attend and my hair isnt done! :)
Miss you all so much!   Love you!!!
dougal says:
I love Whitby - my favourite town on the Yorkshire coast.
Posted on: Mar 21, 2007
jbulava says:
Hmm, interesting. If I may quote from three days ago, "Im broke, so dont ask for anything anymore because I dont have any more money[...]" However, there seems to be money for Black Jet jewelery... I better be getting a necklace, haha. Hope all is well!
Posted on: Aug 03, 2006
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