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So, that night (Wednesday I think it was) we went out for some spirits at a pub in Cornwall.  And well...here is what I learned....alcohol here is A LOT stronger than alcohol at home.  Well, needless to say it was a really fun night and really rough morning.  Well, after breakfast...TOAST ONLY for me :) we went on some INSANE uphill hike and despite my state, I loved it and made it all the way to our destination.  We visited this beautiful Medieval church in the middle of no where set back into the forest.  It was awesome.  Really beautiful and really creepy too which made it such a great sight to see.  I took pictures.  After that, we hiked alllllll the way back down the hill and then went to a town called Boscastle.  We went to the Museum of Witchcraft because the Mists of Avalon has many witches (healers and wise women as we call them) as main characters.  That was fine, a bit disturbing, but it was very informative.  I know all about different spells now...you all better watch out! :)
After that we ate...where else, but a pub.  Then we headed to St. Nectan's Glen.  This is a waterfall and pool that many pilgrims went to to ask for safe journeys.  It is said that King Arthur and his knights went there before going into battle to pray for safety.  Some really interesting things happened to me there.  I wont write them here but if you care to know, just ask and I will tell you.  But its certianly not for the whole internet community to know! :)  It was truly a really personal and wonderful experience.
After St. Nectan's Glen (which was out in the middle of no where AS WELL) we hiked alllllllllll the way back to the main road...and it was FAR.  But once we got back to Tintagel and cleaned up we went out shopping.  I wont bore you with the details, but trust me, the shopping was AWESOME!  Then we ate, where else, but a pub.  And then we went to bed early because the day was very long.
The next morning we headed for the castle...on a bus...for 8 hours.  It wasnt as bad as I thought it would be, but it was really boring.  We got here in one piece though and then went on a tour of the castle...which is really a manor house, but it looks like a castle so we call it that.  And thats where I will leave off for now.  Im going to the pub for my birthday with the class!!! 


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photo by: pilgrim68