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well, my plan is not to fill you in about the past 5 days tonight because there is just not enough time.  So: mom, dad, G, KD, Kell, Laur and De you tell me what you want from england and I will do my best to get it.  So far you are getting some totally awesome Harlaxton shot glasses.  (Harlaxton is the name of the 'castle' and the college in which I am staying.)  But I wanted to say Happy Birthday to Jo and Justin.  I hope you are all reading this! 

Anyway, I had my first class today and it went really well.  Tomorrow we have our huge group presentation.  AND ITS MY BIRTHDAY!!  I expect messages and if I dont get them I will be sad.  Although its hard because I am 5 hours ahead and probably wont get your messages until the 26th...for me...the 25th for you.  But just in case you were wondering I was born at 10:52am States time which is 3:52pm England time.  Soooo, by 4pm my time I expect to see lots of messages.  

But really, I miss you all so much.  Im having a great time here and I definitely dont want to come home, so I was thinking you could all fly over and live here with me!  It's really nice here!!

But for now, off to work on my project. 

Love you miss you!!


luckyluke201 says:
Hey Linds. I'm commenting here too even though I commented on your main page. It took me like 8 years to find your blog section. Freakin' site. Anyway, happy birthday! Glad to see your having fun. Drink a pint for me. See you when you get back. Miss ya, love ya - Luke
Posted on: Jul 25, 2006
haushinka742 says:
hey grrrl guess who. you are such a message grubber! but i will oblige you cuz it's your b-day and i luv you. also i miss you hardcore. i hope you're having a jolly time. here's your homework assignment. see if you can find out what "her indoors" means. it's an amusing british slang. go to it! love, cole
Posted on: Jul 25, 2006
JingJing says:
Hi Lindsay! It's Elva :-) I read some of your travel notes just now, I can tell that you have a LOT of fun in your trip!Good luck on your class and Happy Birthday Lindz!(I registered here so that i can say HAPPY BDAY) Enjoy yourself in England Lindz...Take care...Miss you! :-)
Posted on: Jul 24, 2006
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