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Yesterday I went on a day trip to Lincoln.  Heather, Marianna, Dr. Tarter, Mrs. Fitz and myself all went...very early in the morning.  We first went into Grantham to see/shop the open air market, and then we walked to to the train station.  I did not buy anything from the market people, arent you proud??

We took 2 trains to Lincoln...there was one stop over and it took about 45 minutes.  Once we got there we met up with some friends of Dr. T and Mrs Fitz, Maggie and Tony.  They showed as around town!  First we went to Lincoln Castle.  That was pretty cool...we walked along the walls of the castle...very scary and very high!  And we went up into the towers and took pictures from waaaay up high.  THAT was truly, very scary! But so worth it.  You can see for miles and miles from the top of the towers. 

Then we ate lunch at this cute restaurant that I cant remember the name of--but they had the most heavenly brie and cranberry sandwich and chocolate cake!  It was soo good.  

After that we went to Lincoln Cathedral.  It is so beautiful!  I dont know much about it because a.) we did not take the tour for £4 and b.) I have not yet read the guide book.  But when I do become educated on the strucutre I will fill you in.  I do believe it is somewhere around 1000 years old.  Very cool.  And while we were inside we saw a wedding procession!  It was so beautiful!  The bells were ringing and the wedding party and family were taking pictures.  It was a beautiful day too so there were people everywhere.  It was really nice.  However, the groom....waaaaaaaay too old and had bad teeth!  :)

Anyway, after that we shopped a little--and I did buy something...for very cheap, I promise, and then we went to a pub where we drank and ate and were merry for the last 3 hours before our train was to arrive.  Tony and Maggie are a blast and taught me all about British slang and we all had a great time.  It was really a nice day! 

Then I came back and feel asleep right away and slept until 11am this morning.  It was beautiful!   

Now, I really have to do work.

Miss everyone so much...home in less than a week! :(  I dont want to go home, so I think you all should come here!! 


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photo by: Vikram