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Okay, so after Bath, we got up and rode to Glastonbury where the mystical island of Avalon was supposedly located.  Avalon, in the legend of King Arthur was where the priestesses who worshiped the Goddess lived.  One of the main characters in the book the Mists of Avalon lived there.  We climed to the top of the Tor which is an insanely large hill with a tower on top of it.  It was an easy hike though.  once at the top we journaled, took pictures and had a short class.  Then we climbed back down and made our way to Glastonbury Abbey...its really just ruins, but wow, what a place.  the church used to be huge!!!!  there are really just walls left becasue some guy who bought it after it was no longer being used by the monks blew it up and used the stone to build a house for himself (or something like that) in Wales.  that was my favorite place i think.  it was such a beautiful day and walking around the grounds was really nice.  i got lots and lots of post pictures do it no justice.  i am not as artistic as Geoff! 
After that we went back to our TOTALLY SKEEVY hotel.  We did a bit of shopping after we were settled in and yet again....ate at a pub.  Once we were home Brittany *my roomie* and I tried to do work but it was so hot that we couldnt concentrate.  we ended up staying up all night long talking.  at one point...and this is to tell you how sketchy this place was...we could hear the man in the room next to us peeing...and when he flushed his toilet, our shower leaked.  EWW!!  it was so funny we definitely almost peed our pants.  PS: Brittany doesnt wear underwear to bed.  (She said ~OH MY GOD!  Im gonna get creepy guys now!  But she has a totally hot BF)  But anyway, I really like Brittany a lot and we get along well.  Shes awesome and really funny!  She kinda fills in for Geoff sometimes becasue she quotes Dane Cook on a regular feels like home. 
Anyway, we finally went to bed that night and the next day we went to the Holy Chalice Well.  Legend has it that the priestesses of Avalon could look into the waters of this well and see visions of the future.  I only saw a spider, but it was a really nice experience nonetheless.  The grounds on which the well is placed are beautiful.  there are reflecting pools and flowers and trees everywhere.  its just a huge garden with lots of benches and really really green grass.  It was truly a beautiful place.  I got lots of pics.  And postcards.  (I cant wait to scrapbook when I get home!!!) 
Ok, so then after the Chalice Well we made the 4 hour coach ride to Cornwall.  Cornwall is supposedly where King Arthur was born.  We saw the ruins of the castle he was born in.  The name of the castle and now the name of the town were were in is Tintagel.  Tintagel Castle is built on a cliff so you have to climb up the side of the cliff to get there.  It was INSANE!!  The stairs are made of stone, very slippery and for yours truly, it was not the hike that scared her, but the heights!!!  But I made it and it was awesome.  There were lots of cliffs at the top...and plenty of opportunities to fall to my doom, but....I didnt.  :)  I was really scared, but it was so worth it.  The coast is very different here because  its just  high cliffs and then ocean water.  Its really scary, but I got such beautiful pictures. 
After we hiked back down the cliff we went to Merlin's Cave which is on the beach.  It was low tide so we could actually go inside and sit and have class!  When its high tide the cave is completely filled with water.  In the King Arthur Legend, Merlin is the one who takes Arthur way from his family and raises him.  He is also an advisor to Arthur after he becomes king.
So, after the cave, guess what we did?  We ate dinner at a pub.  Then, later that night we went to another pub and chilled out in the beer garden.  As you can imagine by the end of the night I was pretty tipsy.  But I had a really great time with everyone!
Okay...I will have to fill you in on more later.  I just have so much to say and these entries are getting so long!!!  So, keep an eye out!  Miss you all!

PS: Im sorry if there are so many typos, but this keyboard is a bit different. 
PPS: Look, a pound sign: £
PPPS: and the @ and the " are in opposite places. 
PPPPS: There is also plastic covering the keyboard making the process of typing very difficult. 

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Okay, so now I have to catch you all up on the last week!  First, when we arrived in London we took a coach (a bus, but they call it a coach here) to Winchester.  What a quaint town!!  We relaxed for an hour and then went straight to seeing the sights.  First we went to the site of one of the oldest known round tables of King Arthur.  It's huge and weighs several tons.  It was amazing!!  It's mounted high up on a wall, so I got only one good picture.  It's located in a Medieval church which was empty, but had stained glass windows which were huge and sooo beautiful!  After we explored we ate at a pub.  Its different than America becasue you order your food at the bar, tell them your table number and then they bring it to you when its ready.  The system has its flaws...  After dinner we just walked around the town becasue it was beautiful outside and it didnt get dark until well after 10 pm!!!  (there is a 5 hour time difference here too, so 10pm my time is 5pm your time if youre in the states.) 
   We went to bed fairly early and ohhhhhhhhh did i sleep!  The next day we got on the bus and went to Stonehenge.   It was awesome!!  Stonehenge is amazing!!  I mean, yes, its a bunch of rocks in the middle of no where, but there is so much to it that I just cant explain.  Its the feeling of being there that really makes it worthwhile to go.  So we walked around Stonehenge for about an hour and then climbed onto the bus to go to Avebury.  We ate at a pub and then went out into the fields where there are rock formations and journaled about our experiences.  The rocks are said to have healing powers so we sat on them and touched them and hoped for...well whatever needed healing.  Kevin cured his stuffy nose! :)  There were so many sheep in Avebury and although they look nice and cute they are loud and smelly and not very friendly.  They ran away every time I tried to touch them.  I saw one sheep scatching itself on a of the sacred rocks..and that made me laugh...I got a picture of it.  (''Itchy Butt'' i will call it.) 
So then after Avebury we went to Bath.  I did not like Bath that much.  We walked around and WINDOW shopped, which was fun and then we ate dinner at a Thai restaurant.  The food was really good!  You cant go wrong with rice and veggies and chicken, right?   So after that we went to see the Roman Baths.  When the Romans conquered Britian they built this amazing bath house...almost like a country was really awesome.  we had a night tour so it was really beautiful...yet so hot.  (We are still in the middle of a heat wave here...its sooo hot.  Not as hot as home, but for England, its hot!)   Anyway the baths was cool because it used to have these heated floors which created something almost like a steam room.  Let me explain.  The Romans would stack small thin rocks on top of one another and then put in a stone floor on top of these mini-columns.  the water (which is 105 degrees F--the baths are built around a natural hot spring) would flow into the room under the floor, heat those columns and then because of the process we call conduction, the floor would heat up...and then eventually the air would heat up.  Instant steam room!  I thought that was pretty neat...Im sorry if my geekiness has bored you.  :)
I will have to catch everyone up later on Glastonbury, Cornwall and the Castle.  For now, I need some lunch.  And then I actually have to do some school work!! 
But I hope everyone is well and I miss you all so very much!  In case I dont get on tomorrow:
Happy Birthday Joanna!!!!
Happy Birthday Justin!!!
you two better be reading this. 
Keep sending me messages I miss you all!!


PS: Dont forget whose birthday is coming up on Tuesday!!!!!!  
LindsayG says:
It has been a good time so far! i have shopped entirely too much but i dont want to bore everyone with my excursions to the mall. but things are well, give me updates about nova!!!! miss you so much!!!!
Posted on: Jul 23, 2006
jbulava says:
Sounds like a good time so far, although not as much shopping as I expected of you! Have you been watching the British Open?? or maybe you took the 4 hour ride to Hoylake to watch Tiger win his 3rd British Open like 15 minutes ago, haha. I would have been there! Hope all is well. Try posting a pic or two to give us a taste :-) Cheers.
Posted on: Jul 23, 2006
photo by: pilgrim68