Very brief, but a few words I must say about Puerto Rico from my perspective.

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So, I could write indefinitely, or so it seems, about my experiences in Puerto Rico... but I wont.  However, there are a few highlights I must share with those who wish to read on.

*Old town San Juan where cruise ships arrive into Puerto Rico is nothing like what Puerto Rico is actually about.  Simple things we take for granted if you think that part of San Juan is representative: Only around colleges did I find people who somewhat spoke English and only around colleges were there people who knew how to read a map.  Locals have no clue in most cases.

*Puerto Rican staples such as fried plantain, white rice and black beans is all I need to live happily :) lol

*The waters on the East coast are more beautiful than the West coast, however both are warm and very pleasant.  Not to mention incredibly beautiful.

*Although the island is small, traveling around takes forever unless you're on the northern coast because its mostly two lane highways from coast to coast!!

*Cueva de los indios in Camuy is a *MUST* ... you'll be left breathless, but you must arrive as the tide is coming in.  Ask me for more details :)

*Cueva de Camuy - don't hold on to the handrails unless you don't mind bat droppings ;)

*The Coqui is the dominant frog that makes the amazing musical sound throughout the entire night... close your eyes and feel sooo far away in such peace..

*People in PR grab their random instruments and play music for no particular reason.. random strangers join in on the music throughout the days and nights, everyone knows all the same songs, groups make up new songs without any form of organization and pull it off, women tend to jump in the middle of male-dominant bands to dance, and this sort of event happens on a regular, nearly daily, basis.  If only people in LA weren't so damn uptight.

*Ponce isn't all that.

*El Yunque is an amazing hike and if you have an eye, you'll form a collection of photos of unique lizzards.. I have them, just too lazy to post lol

*The people are friendly, however it actually feels quite a bit like LA.. not as anonymous and individualistic, but has an ounce of it...

*There aren't supermarkets... but there is an awesome indoor market open daily in Rio Piedras with everything fresh and people bargain for it all :)  Fun times.

I'm sure there is more.... but those are just some highlights.

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