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After many hours of travel... Cuzco.

I have input overload. The people in Cuzco are the nicest I have ever encountered, even after putting up with waves and waves of eco, hippy, beer drinking, pot smoking, picture taking tourists. Off the plane I had a lady waiting for me with a sign saying "The Terra Andina Hotel welcomes Roberto #####." Not bad, even if it is just a sales ploy -- it works. As soon as I had checked in I had my whole trip planned. They took care of the reservations for the Inca trail hike (4 nights, 5 days) the longest, most picturesque, yet streneous, trail to Machu Picchu at a raction of the cost to book online. I was exhausted when I arrived at the hotel and tok a nap. The room has a big screen, flat panel Vizio? What the F#$%, I donĀ“t own one.


Like I said the town is an overload of input. Very hilly (a-la San Fran) but entirely made out of Inca stone. Keep in mind that the town was built in colonial times with stones stolen from inca temples and villages. So in essence the town is ancient, some stones dating back to the Chavin culture from 100 AD. Ate some great food and had some good beer. I am still, though, walking around like a the undead... Altitude does not help. I have had plenty of Coca leaf tea at the hotel, in case you were wondering, it taste like green tea you have used to wash dirty socks in.

I can not overstate how nice the locals are. I purchased a small llama fur hat and the old lady a the counter threw in a hand job -- " No charge, complementary" she kept saying... I kid, but she was very nice.

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After many hours of travel... Cuzc…
After many hours of travel... Cuz…
Coca tea and my notepad.
Coca tea and my notepad.
photo by: Vlindeke