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We had to basically break into the side gate of this temple to get these shots - who knew those things close so early

So after a 3.5 hour flight from Dallas to San Francisco, a plane change and then a painfully long 14 hour flight from San Fran to Hong Kong, we were there.  Unfortunately because of that class I took (obviously the class was an excuse to go I wasn't all that interested in actually being in class) I wasn't able to see a lot of the things I wanted to see but I definitely got some cool pics out of it which I attached. 

Things I learned in Hong Kong:

1. If I ever moved there I would just have to accept that fact that I'm not going to get hit on nearly as much as I would anywhere else - those boys just love their tiny little asian women! which is fine, you know, WHATEVER

2. Get the cab drivers talking - some of them are pretty funny - one even told me I should have "MANY boyfriends in hong kong"


Pollution?? View from Victoria's peak
Go to Lan Kwai Fong "the bar district" for a good time - we became best friends

4. Don't expect great cheap shopping in Hong Kong - its like New York City....the stuff thats actually cheap is just that, cheap.  I got a pretty cool oil painting for $7 though.  Cheap shopping is in China.

5. Pollution is going to ruin all of your good pictures even on a clear day

6. If you don't know what something is, don't eat it without asking.  You just really never know ....could be a foot or a head of something...

7. Pizza hut is a nice restaurant

8. Oh maybe I learned a little bit in school too....like here's a piece of China trivia: the population of Shenzhen (the first city into China from Hong Kong) went from 90 thousand in 1979 to 13 million today!! 


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We had to basically break into the…
We had to basically break into th…
Pollution?? View from Victorias p…
Pollution?? View from Victoria's …
Lan Kwai Fong - bar district and…
Lan Kwai Fong - "bar district" an…
fried eyeballs, anyone?
fried eyeballs, anyone?
Ladies, have fun
Ladies, have fun
Holy crowded
Holy crowded
Night market shopping
Night market shopping
Our new friends
Our new friends
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