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Kegon Falls

We left for the Kegon Falls and Chuzenji Hot springs around 8am. There was a bus that took us up all the way up the mountains which took about 40 minutes. The ride was like taking a roller coaster, it was very curvy

I was surprised that there weren't so many tourists. I heard it was the Golden Holidays in Japan but I guess most people went to the hot springs rather than the mountains. It was a bit chilly and I regretted not wearing something thicker.

Kegon Falls is one of the 3 most beautiful waterfalls in Japan. I think it would have been a sight if I had come in autumn. Even though it was spring, the trees were all bare.

We took an elevator down to see the waterfall up close. We didn't stay down for long since it was a bit cold.

We walked a little to Chuzenji Lake.

We were the only persons there

We decided to rent a rowboat and explore the lake!

It took us about 15 minutes to get a hang of rowing;; you get pretty tired after 20 minutes so we took turns

There was an incident when we nearly hit a ferry boat...but except that it turned out to be really fun

The lake was a famous resort place for foreign embassies...and there was the french, Italian, Belgian summer resort near the lake. They don't use it anymore but just use it as a museum.

WE strolled down to the Italian embassy resort and rested for a while and decided to go to a hot spring!

Most of the famous hot springs are located above the mountain but it would take about an hour or we decided to go to a hot spring in one of the hotels. Usually the hotels only allow the guests staying in the hotels to use their hot springs but there are some where they open to the public.

We found one right in front of the lake...the lakeside river hotel

The hot spring was pretty small but the water was coral blue and afterwards I could feel how  my skin felt smoother

We've seen everything and done everything so we headed back to the Turtle Inn and went for a walk to the park nearby

In the park there's rows and rows of stone statues...people say when you count the numbers always change.

I don't know who made those cute red ribs and caps but it was a nice touch


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Kegon Falls
Kegon Falls
Nikko Lakeside Hotels Hot Springs
Nikko Lakeside Hotels Hot Springs
photo by: Shakar81