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Another day, another year passing us by.  Good-bye 2007, well Hello 2008.  Like always there are many different options to spend your New Years.  I like to switch it up every now and then, spend time with the fam one year, party one year, spend time with the fam another year, party this year.  New Year’s Eve party, which one.. geez there are so many.  And not cheap either.  I had my choice to party Body Rock style with a few cousins for an okay price, my buddy Kihei’s DJ friend’s party, and SpeakEasy’s party.  I was sold on the Speakeasy party, more of my peoples set to attend and room reservation was already done, done and paid for, so we just needed to divide the cost again =).  So guaranteed after the partying I’d be able knock out whenever I wanted and I wouldn’t have to wait to arrive at home from a drive out of San Francisco.

  So that was good news, trust me =)


I still had to work on New Year’s Eve, just half day.  I had a pretty good half day.  Those of us who were there had discussed it the week prior that we would have a mini-party in department since there were only a few of us not on vacation.  So I brought the gang donuts, and the others brought juice, coca colas, chips and cookies.  So a little NYE party before the main event.  All fun of course, the snacking, the talking and laughing with the co-workers all in between the actual work that had to be done ;).


The clock struck 12pm and we all said “have fun tonight, see you next year” and we all went our separate ways.

  Drove home, picked up my stuff and sister and I left to go pick up buddy A.  Though she was not quite ready yet, we ended up waiting for her in front of her house for about 15-20 minutes, no biggie I guess.. no skin off my back, we were just worried that we would hit traffic and stalling on our way to San Francisco.  Not too bad we made pretty good time.  We met buddy J near her work so we could ride all together and to the telly we go.  I have never been to the Renaissance Stanford Court Hotel.  It was actually pretty nice and classy looking.  We dropped off our stuff and headed out of our room so that we could eat an early dinner.  We walked around Nob Hill to locate the restaurant where we would be fine dining this evening.
Inside our hotel room
. and we arrived at Nob Hill Cafe.  Very yummy indeed.. Out of the four of us I opted to be the odd girl out and ordered the super delicious creamy romano sauce while everyone else stuck to the safe and yet still very tasty red saucy dishes.  It was nice to be able to share my meal when everyone started to get tired of their tomato based sauces.  Sharing is caring ;)


Our room was very nice and roomy.  I loved it.  I was just enough room for the amount of people who would be staying there.. five.  Lovely, just lovely.  We set up the room in little mini stations, hair, hair, make up and make up and I think make up.  There was enough room outside the bathroom for 3 peeps to do their make up.  2 stations for hair because 1 was for curls, the other for straight.

  It was cool and I think we all walked out of there looking ready to rock the night away.


SpeakEasy New Years 2008 party was themed 1920’s, flapper style type attire (I, however did not dress in a flapper dress, because I didn’t have one, and didn’t want to buy one that I would probably only wear once).  It was pretty nice and spacious.  We took the elevator down (none of us cared to walk down any unnecessary stair with those heels… we didn’t want our feetsies to get too tired before the night even began).  Then tried to get in through the entrance.  But what happens???  What do you think would happen right before we enter?  Goodness gracious we got rejected!! Grrr.

. the guard said we needed to go around to some other door to turn our ticket in and get our bracelets.  Geez huh.. couldn’t all of that have been close by each other, I mean it was pretty freezing cold, but of course we followed directions and did what we had to do.  And we were in..


We walked down the necessary fancy marble stairs to the party.  Nice, pretty nice, very nice.  Too cute.. before we went around to browse the scene we hit the bar.  Very crowded and unfairly positioned the bar was.  The reason I say that was because the 2nd time I went to get a drink some stupid guy cut in front of me and ordered 4 drinks.. yes 4, what the heck, how mean is that? To cut in front of little ole me.. I didn’t even have my whole posse with me, I was the first to finish my first drink so I went alone =( .

. but yeah whatever.. no biggie.  It was an open bar all night long so every guest was all up on that. 


The dance floors/dance rooms.. there were 3.  One right when we walk in before walking down the marble stairs of fanciness,  a smaller roomer to the left and the main room to the right.  An hor’d oeuvres table was set up right before entering the main room.  I didn’t taste anything from there, which sucked because it was part of my paid ticket, I guess nothing really looked too appetizing that I just had to eat it, yup not interested.  So, the main room.. everyone was dancing and drinking and waiting for that announcement of the approaching midnight moment.  There was VIP area to the far right of the hall which had their own bar (pretty cool, wish I was VIP that night, probably too expensive anyways.

. no biggie.. I had much fun anyways and I didn’t need to be VIP).


The time was cutting close.. they announced 10 minutes till midnight and then I guess I really was paying attention because next thing I know we’re counting down 10 • 9 • 8 • 7 • 6 • 5 • 4 • 3 • 2 • 1 …. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!  All this shiny confetti was flying all over the place.  Happy moment.  Another year is here, start off fresh and new, not sure what to do, what will happen to me, I’ll just have to wait and see.  I’m ready with my eyes open wide, and wishing and hoping for a great year to come.


A few minutes later, performers came out to entertain.

Walking around trying to find Nob Hill Cafe
  Flapper girls and acrobatic men.  Not really acrobatic, they did some pretty cool stuff like balancing and hand stands, and holding another guy steady.. something like that. I’m probably not really explaining that right, but it was pretty awesome, it was like watching a mini Cirque du Soleil for free. Hehe.  And so what now.. Dance, Dance, and Dance.. yup sounds good to me. 


Time passed and I guess a few of us had to go up to the room to use the bathroom because we didn’t really know where the bathroom was for the party so since we knew where our room was we opted out for just that.  Ohmigoodness my feet was hurting, so we decided to change our shoes.  My dress was red, black, and cream, and it was kinda shiny-ish and the shoes I changed into were my black with pink and white hearts punk rose slip ons (kinda like vans) so yeah I did not match at all.

Nob Hill Cafe ~ Pizzeria/Trattoria
  All I kept saying while putting the shoes on, and walking downstairs was, “haha.. I wonder if they’ll notice.. o well whatever.. haha”  it took awhile for the rest of the crew to figure it out that 3 of us had changed from fancy shmancy heels, two of actually wearing paten (I dunno if you spell it that way) leather which was quite a change with my vans-like footwear.  Wow.. I loved it.. I was able to last (giving my feet a comfortable rest in my heart shoes) and pretty much dance the night away and I certainly did enjoy myself and I just know everyone else did as well.


What a great night, and how do we end the night?  We ordered pizza.. nice huh.. great comfort food.  Here’s to a fantastic year 2008 here we come, not sure exactly how many drinks I had, but Cheers, got
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Inside our hotel room
Inside our hotel room
Walking around trying to find Nob …
Walking around trying to find Nob…
Nob Hill Cafe ~ Pizzeria/Trattoria
Nob Hill Cafe ~ Pizzeria/Trattoria
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Little park by the hotel, right i…
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Happy New Year
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