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After the ceremony. Notice the fancy plastic champagne flutes
Our wedding day, March 10th of 2006 in New York, New York. The weather was beautiful and surprisingly warm for an early March day. I was very glad about that fact which meant I didn't have to worry about dragging a coat or a jacket around. Would have completely ruined my dress. lol Oh yes. Yup, I got married in a red dress. Why, you ask?? Well, I did the whole white dress thing at my first, head-over-heels-wedding, so I was going for something different this time. And just so you know, it's never a good idea to get married when you are only 19, so no one should be surprised that that didn't work out. ;) Anywho...

The day and weather was beautiful.
My favorite picture
We had the whole family packed up and ready to leave Brooklyn to go to city hall in Manhattan. Only down side was, there was 6 of us in one car. hehe So I spent the whole way to Manhattan sitting on my soon to be husband's lap. We are off to a great start. Once we were past Brooklyn Bridge we had to start looking for parking. Which is pretty much impossible if you know the area. Well, here's another sign! We found a metered parking spot less then 2 blocks from 1 Center Street, City Hall. We are so lucky!! Granted that someone had to feed the meter ever 30 minutes. lol

We had received our marriage license the day before so we knew where we had to go. Yesterday a nice security guard with a big friendly smile on his face had taken one short look at us and said:" I know where you two love birds are headed, through that door, elevator down the hall, third floor, marriage licenses.
Behind us is the actual city hall, workplace of the mayor
" It was hilarious.

Well, today we were standing in line to get into the place. There was about 15 other very dressed up couples, which pretty much gave away what they were here for. It was now noon. So we got in line to get married. hahaha Let me say, the red dress and hubby in his dress uniform did turn heads though. If you turn heads in New York City you should either be proud of yourself or make sure you have clothes on or toilet paper dragging behind you.
The security check went by very fast. They didn't search me at all. I guess terrorists seldom dress up as brides.
Inside World Financial Center, we couldn't get the whole palm tree in the shot
(Bad joke, I know.)

We got upstairs and then the waiting began. The line did not seem to get shorter at all. Good thing was that my sister and brother in law were able to make it in plenty of time for the ceremony. They were flying in from Florida and were taking a cab from JFK airport. So after they showed up we were pretty much more then ready to go. After a while they asked all the couples and closest family to move from the hallway into one big room. Since it just turned 2pm and the city hall was closing at 3:30pm a terrible thought crossed my mind. I was thinking to myself, if they were going to have all the couples line up in a circle and do a combined ceremony, pointing at each couple and saying "You're married. Now, get out!!". Wow! hahaha That did not turn out to be the case though.

We were the third couple to be called.
On the stairs of World Financial Center
We went into the side room. The ceremony was over very quickly. It couldn't have taken more then 3 minutes from the Welcome to the I dos. It was special none the less. Afterwards we opened a bottle of champagne in the big room to celebrate. Once we got back outside we had a special wedding snack. What other than a New York hot dog. lol Conveniently there was a stand right outside the city hall. Our photographer/best man/husband's cousin wanted to take a bunch of pictures of us outside. So we went across the street to the "real" city hall, or the one that the actual mayor does his work in. You wouldn't believe how many honks and yelled out well wishes we got in only 15 minutes. lol We almost felt like royalty!

Since my feet were already killing me at this point we decided it was a better idea to move the car closer to the World Financial Center. I never found out how much uncle had to pay for parking there. lol
Cousin took a bunch of pictures of us inside the World Financial Center before we ended up being "kicked out" by the security, because we hadn't paid for a photography permit.
Outside World Financial Center
(Ridiculous!) So we moved the whole party outside to the waterfront. Unfortunately the sun was so bright that in more then 80 % of the pictures someone is making the I-smell-something-foul-face so they are not to be shared with the broad public. lol We had late lunch or early dinner at one of the restaurants on the waterfront. I can't for the life of me remember what it was called. If I ever make it back to that area I'll look it up for you guys.

We had a room for the night at the New York Helmsley Hotel. Which we only saw for a clothes change and then after an all night bar hopping tour for about 4 hours of sleep. lol  We did have a nice view though.   THE END
missandrea81 says:
Thanks Jeff and Jenny!
Posted on: Jun 23, 2008
jennjeff1 says:
Great wedding story Andrea! I think the red dress looks good--we've seen other "red dress" weddings and you seem to be the best wearer of one! ;-)
~Jeff (and Jenny)
Posted on: Jun 23, 2008
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After the ceremony. Notice the fan…
After the ceremony. Notice the fa…
My favorite picture
My favorite picture
Behind us is the actual city hall,…
Behind us is the actual city hall…
Inside World Financial Center, we …
Inside World Financial Center, we…
On the stairs of World Financial C…
On the stairs of World Financial …
Outside World Financial Center
Outside World Financial Center
Behind us in the distance Ellis Is…
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Behind us, the World Financial Cen…
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