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So my tiny semester break started with a visit to my home state Bavaria.  South of Munich is the upscale neighborhood of Gruenwald, and located there are the Bavaria Film Studios.

The only two movies that most of the readers will be familiar with are “Das Boot” and “The Neverending Story.” 

The first time I ever visited these studios was back in Kindergarten which was a couple of years ago. ;)  I was excited to visit again, because the only things that had stuck in my memory were my climb through “Das Boot” and my ride on Falkor from the “Neverending Story.”  I also remembered being in a little clip of a spaceship ride, where we had to throw ourselves side to side, while the camera was swinging side to side.  This was obviously in a time before special effects were invented. 

We arrived at the studios around a quarter to eleven and bought our tickets.  The guided tour we were designated on started almost immediately after we walked through the gates.  A fair warning: Do not compare these studios to Universal or Disney.   It’s not as big and they don’t have nearly as many original sets or rides. There are NO rides.  It’s not an amusement park.  It’s just a place where you get a glimpse behind the scenes.  

Our tour guide made sure that everyone got to hear and see the sets.  The group was a manageable size and the tour lasted over 1 ½ hours.  We visited several sets but I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves, or at least post good captions.

As stated in my review, my favorite part was Bullyversum, which was opened in honor of one of the greatest Bavarian film makers of all time (maybe he’s the only one?). But joke aside.  This guy has talent.  Michael “Bully” Herbig can make a whole movie by himself.  He’s extremely funny and I love that he sticks to his Bavarian dialect and roots.  This is something that I can’t even say for my own family members who try and hide their accent in front of their non-Bavarian friends.  I try, but fail miserably. The only language I speak accent free is English.

After your visit to the studio, we drove to the city center and walked around Marienplatz for a little bit where I got to try out my camera’s night scene setting with the beautifully lit facades of the city. 

missandrea81 says:
Thank you very much. I had 50 pictures uploaded but the internet ate them. :/
Posted on: Oct 26, 2012
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Congrats on being Today's Featured Travel Blog.
Posted on: Oct 26, 2012
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