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Lions outside a temple in Melaka. Pat the male one for wealth, and the female one for babies!

Melaka is an interesting place. Why? To put it nicely, it has a lot of history. To put it less nicely, it was kind of everyone's bitch.

Here's a quick history lesson ...

Melaka (or Malacca) was one of the first places in Malaysia where any really important people from Indonesia settled (a Sumatran prince made it home somewhere around the 14th century). It drew alot of attention from the Chinese due to it's good position as a port but they were happy enough to just do a lot of trading and not invade the place. The Europeans weren't so content though, and the Portugese soon took over, only to be kicked out by the Dutch ... and then the British.

The good news is that after another quick (but at least equally as brutal) occupation by the Japanese during WW2, it was the origin of the independence movement that eventually resulted in the whole nation becoming independent in 1957. Good on you guys!

All this ended up meaning that you have a city heavily influenced by at least half a dozen different cultures ... a whole pile of Dutch architecture on this corner, Portugese on that corner, etc. ... and the museums are packed with stuff from every different stage in the city's life. It's pretty cool.

So back to our story ...

After a 4.5 hr bus ride from Singapore to Melaka we had time to get some food (one of the best value meals of our trip - top quality stuff for about $5 Australian each) before it was about time for bed.

The next day we knew we didn't have too long before we'd have to head off for the KL airport, so we decided to take an organised tour. It seemed like a good way to keep ourselves to a time limit, and plus ...it was our last day so we couldn't be bothered using our brains to read maps etc.

It was a good little tour, except that we felt pretty rushed. We could have easily killed 3-4 hours in the museums alone, but we had to pack it into half an hour!

And then it was all over ... time to head off for the airport and go back home to Perth. It sucks when holidays come to an end!

Stigen says:
I'll be going for that tour tomorrow I think...have only one day here...
Posted on: Nov 20, 2008
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Lions outside a temple in Melaka. …
Lions outside a temple in Melaka.…
photo by: louise2553