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Jetty at Miri beach

Seeing as we still couldn't walk properly, our second morning in KK was spent taking it easy. Then we jumped on a plane and ended up in Miri for a bit reminiscing. Miri was the girls' first home town, and Debbie also spent 3 years there studying at uni. There's not alot of love lost between her and the town though. In fact she spent most of our time there complaining about how crap the place is!

We hired a car from the airport that kept making weird grinding noises, and had hazard lights that would come on for no reason (good start!), and then proceeded to get a bit lost on all the one-way streets until we found the Mega Hotel (which was actually very nice). The rest of the day was spent with Debbie showing me all her old haunts; her old house, the uni campus etc. We also had a bit of a solemn detour as we tried to find her friend's grave in the local cemetery. It was pretty sad that the cemetery had not been looked after very well at all, and walking through it was, well ... disgusting. To make things worse we couldn't find the grave.

In fact, poor maintenance and degradation was a bit of a common theme in Miri. Everything looked run down, and Debbie said it was worse than last time she was there. I also got a better understanding of her fear of dogs ... there are lots of stray dogs in all the Malaysian cities we visited, but none more so than Miri. They're just everywhere.

So the next morning we were pretty happy to skip town pretty quick. We did take a detour to one of the beaches though, and despite the mucky brown sea water (the colour comes from the extremely fine beach sand), it was a good little excursion. We went crab-spotting and took a walk along the jetty, before heading off to the airport.

But Miri had not finished with us yet ... in fact the worst was yet to come.

We arrived well in time for our 3pm flight, dropped the hire car off (we had to just leave it in the car park because the guys from the hire company were nowhere to be found), and walked up to the check-in counter ... where AirAsia told us that we'd missed the flight!

After about half an hour of confusion we found out that the flight details had been changed over 2 months ago ... but they had only informed us 3 days ago by email (when we were up on the mountain so we couldn't access the net). They'd also made two calls to one of our mobiles 1 day before (which we hadn't recieved because the battery was flat). What's more, they had the girls' parents home number, but hadn't bothered to try it.

Needless to say we were pretty pissed off, but there wasn't much we could do. They refunded our flight, but we had to buy a much more expensive ticket with Malaysia Airlines and spend hours waiting for flight.

So the moral is ... AirAsia sucks ... but I suppose that you get what you pay for.

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Jetty at Miri beach
Jetty at Miri beach
photo by: forevert2