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Today we set off from KL to Kucing to meet Debbie's family, and drop off some of our luggage/shopping before we headed off to Kota Kinabalu.

By New Year's morning the traffic in KL had died down alot, all the temporary market stalls had been packed up, and you'd basically never have known that there was a wild celebration on the streets the night before. We did a little more shopping (and saw a huge rollercoaster inside the mall), and headed off in a luxury Mercedes taxi to the airport ... so far so good.

But things went a bit sour at the airport. Flying AirAsia there were no signs for where to check in. The information desk told me the wrong counter to check in for our flight. The flight itself was delayed three times ... which meant we ended up standing in line for 1.5 hours because the seats are first-come-first-serve and I was anxious to get a bit of extra leg room. And in the end we didn't even get those seats ... some 2 ft tall kids whose legs wouldn't even reach the floor did!

Anyway it turns out that the normal seats aren't so bad (much more comfortable than RyanAir in Europe), and before we knew it we were being picked up by Debbie's parents and sister at the Kucing airport. Her Dad was very proud to pick us up in his new giant SUV, and once we got back her Mum was determined to stuff us with as many different kinds of food as she could. This included ferns, and a lot of fruits I've never tried - water apple, custard apple, pomello, durian. I was happy to try them all, but I'm not a fan of durian (a big spiky fruit that could easily serve as a deadly weapon) ... they absolutely love it here, but that stuff is just way too intense!

Luckily I think the first meeting (or technically second) with Debbie's parents went quite well, and they even thought that I was disciplined because I went to bed early! ... the truth is that I was just tired ... and lazy.

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photo by: aotw