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Up in the clouds ...

I'm on the plane home, and I'm realising what an awesome trip we have had.

Adventure, luxury, great food, unique wildlife, freindly people, awesome scenery ... not to mention, challenges unlike anything I'd ever attempted before (eg. the mountain climb). I'd definitely recommend Malaysia as a holiday destination, especially Kota Kinabalu. We found people to be the freindliest there (closely followed by Melaka, and the rest of the country), the scenery is probably the best, the beaches are decent, and the town is well set up for tourists without feeling too souless.

I've had a great time, and I suppose the only regret would be that we didn't experience much of the nightlife. But our days were so packed that we were just too tired most of the time.

Thanks so much to Debbie for putting so much effort into organising the trip and being a great tour guide. And thanks just as much to Debbie's parents for taking such good care of us for a whole week. Lastly, cheers to everyone else who helped us out on our journey, and to you for reading this!

I'm so lucky to be living in such an awesome country, and to have oppurtunities like this to see the rest of the world. The more I do it, the more I realise how valuable it is to travel and open up your mind to how the world works. In this age of people assuming the worst about other cultures because of what they saw on the news, there's nothing better than seeing things for yourself. Not that I'm trying to get too preachy ... I've only been overses twice, and it's not like I've walked down the streets of Baghdad or anything (maybe one day?).

Well, I'm starting to ramble so I think it' time for bed ... thankyou and goodnight.



Andrew C (and Debbie)

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Up in the clouds ...
Up in the clouds ...