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Outside the Genting hotel.

So, we got to the Perth airport about five hours before our flight (thanks Mum for dropping us off!). We didn't mean to be there that earlier, but we are somewhat easily confused people ... I guess it's better than being late.

We landed in KL (Kuala Lumpur) early the next morning. Right from the start we had taxi drivers hassling us, and as this was my first time in the country it kind of took me by surprise. Debbie scolded me for making eye contact with them too much, which one of them took as an invitation to not leave us alone for 5 minutes. I feel kinda bad just plain ignoring them, but I'm getting used to it.

We made up for the wasted time at Perth airport by jumping on our next train 2 hours before we thought we'd be able, and headed into KL city. Looking out the window, the scenery changed from endless palm oil plantations to high rise buildings. Once in the city it was time to move from train to bus, and head up to Genting ... ... a small city of high rise buildings partly covered in clouds and precariously perched on top of one of the highest mountains in the area.

The scenery up to Genting was awesome. Beautiful forested mountains for miles, although the scene was often spoiled by a big billboard. It's surprising that you don't have to go very far out of the main drag in KL before it starts to get very green and foresty. We passed the Batu Caves and I marvelled at how the huge limestone cliffs are overhanging buildings, and look ready to come crashing down. We also saw a monkey running along side of the road ... my first sighting so you can imagine I was pretty excited.

The bus stopped and we jumped on to the cable car that took us to the top, something I really enjoyed. It was a bit of a thrill when the car first launches of the ramp, and from there it's just a peaceful ride with a great view. Unfortunately once we got to the top we realised that we weren't supposed to take the cable car yet, and had to get a taxi halfway down again to our hotel, Awana.

At the time of writing this I've experienced quite a few crazy taxi rides, but this first one still takes the cake. There were no seatbelts (which isn't that unusual here), the guy nearly ran someone down, he took a detour to pick up a friend, and he was going damn fast down some of the windiest roads I've ever seen while paying no attention to staying in his lane!

The hotel itself was good, and provided a good spot for lunch and a bit of a nap before we headed back up the mountain.

Genting is an insane place. A maze of huge connecting hotels surrounding a theme park, and the only legal casinos in South East Asia. It's like a mash-up of Las Vegas, Disneyland and Tokyo. The comparisons to Vegas even extend to the fact that there are big replicas of all the world's most famous monuments, including the Eiffel Tower and a giant Oscar statue.

After marvelling at it all for a few hours and having a peek in Ripley's Believe It Or Not World, we managed to find our way (with some difficulty) to the show we'd booked for the night called "Fly". An hour or two later we'd seen some pretty impressive acrobatics, a few magic tricks and some great costumes, and even managed to get our photo taken with some of the cast.

We had a go at the casino but got frustrated with the really inconvenient cashing out system that was obviously designed to deter people from collecting their winnings. To add to the frustration we missed our shuttle bus back to the hotel and didn't get back to Awana till 2am ... tired, a bit grumpy, and ready to hit the hay.

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Outside the Genting hotel.
Outside the Genting hotel.