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This entry is to describe,in brief, my past travels through the united states. I will list my experiences by state in alphabetical order. I will try my best to remember highlights from the trip(s) and when I last visited that location. I am only counting states that I have "spent the night" in as states visited. The only significant exception to this rule is some time I spent in Jamestown, Virginia. I was there as part of a class trip to Washington D.C. in the spring of 1996.


My first visit to California was in July of 2005. I accompanied a youth group from New Community Christian Church. We spent most of our time in San Diego. The most significant part of this trip is when I propsed to my wonderful bride Anna on the beach at La Jolla on July 9th.

My second visit to the Golden State was in July of 2007, for our first wedding aniversary. We spent the first three days of our trip at Disneyland, then traveled  to San Diego.


This is my home state! I first arrivied in Colorado sometime around May of 1985. I have visited several locations in the state in the past 22 years. One of my favorites is Glenwood Springs. I have stayed at the Hot Springs lodge several times and have enjoyed the jumbo sized swimming pool. However, my favorite establishment in Glenwood Springs is the Hotel Colorado. As a pre-teen I loved to explore the halls of the Hotel Colorado and ask the staff members about ghost stories. On one occasion I stayed with my family in the Presidential Suite, named so for it's famous occupant Theodre Roosevelt.

Old haunted hotels is a budding love of mine. This past October (2007) I toured the haunted Oxford hotel in Denver, just this month (Jan 08) Anna and I stayed in Estes Park for a few nights and toured the Stanley Hotel.

For a Colorado resident I am not a very avid Skier or Snowboarder. But I would recomend our slopes to any traveler interested in these sports. My state also has some of the best hiking, bike riding, river rafting, and rock climbing in the nation. I hope to call Colorado home for a very long time.


Both of my visits to the Sunshine State have been to the Orlando area. The first visit was on a family vacation to Walt Disney World in August of 1992.

My second visit to Orlando was in July of 2003 for the Exodus International conference, as well as another visit to Disney World.


In March of 2002 my friend and I started out for a Spring Break road trip. Why we chose Chicago, Illinois as our final destination I'll never know and forever regret. My visit to the Windy City was marked with several Snafu's! From unexpected expenses, to broken down cars, to bone chilling winds. There were some enjoyable moments though. I very much enjoyed the Aquarium. I also enjoyed a train ride to Wheaton to visit a couple of close friends. All in all, if I never went back to Chicago, I'd die a happy person.


I believe my first visit to Indiana was in the summer of 1993ish. I flew alone, for the first time, to visit my dad. It would be the first time I met him since my parents divorced when I was 2years old. I visited a couple of times after that, they were always difficult trips as you may be able to immagine.

My most recent trip to Indiana was with my wife in March of 2006. We went to one of Anna's friend's wedding. We also vistied the Indiana University campus, Anna's Almamater, in Bloomington.


On one of my visits to Indiana to see my dad in the early nineties we drove to a lake in Kentucky to do some camping.


On several occasions as a child I would travel to Maryland to visit family.


September 16th, 1982 was my first arrival in Pittsfield, Massachusetts. Yes.. my birth at St. Joes hospital. I weighed 8 pounds 11 ounces, officially the biggest baby in the nursery. Since that time I have been back to Massachusetts many times to visit relatives. My last visit was in May of 2007. This trip also happened to be my first visit to Boston. It was a cold rainy day that day... we werent able to see much from our rain droplett covered trolley. Anna and I would definatley like to return to Boston to see the sites again!


 In Decemeber of 04/Jan of 05 I traveled to Kansas City for a Prophetic worship conference. I went there with some friends from New Community Christian Church.

I also drove through Missouri on my trip to Chicago, one aspect of Missouri I particularly enjoyed on that trip, was how beautiful it was compared to Kansas!


I visited with a good friend of mine who is a student at the University of Montana in Missoula. I believe this trip was in the fall of 06.


The only visit I made to Nebraska was as a small child to Lake McConaughy. I remember green water.


I stayed over-night at Whiskey Pete's in Primm NV in July 2005 on our way to Cali with the youth group at New Community Christian Church. (I know, I know.. sounds like a strange place for a church group to stay... it was fun though... clean fun)

New Jersey

I had an uncle on my step-dad's side that lived in Orange (I think), New Jersey. We visited him there a few times, I couldnt have been any older then 5 or 6 the last time I was there.

New York

The first time I stayed overnight in New York was in March of 2006. My wife-to-be and mother took a day trip into New York City from Massachussetts and stayed in a hotel that night somewhere outside of the city. For only one day we sure saw alot of the sights of the BIg Apple. Some of the attractions included the Empire State Building, A carriage ride through Central Park, and The Producers on Broadway. I loved it! I can't wait to go back.

North Dakota

I cant remember exactly when but when I was a child my mom and I took a trip to Bismark to visit one of her friends.


One of the pit stops of the infamous road trip of 2002 was Edmond, Oklahoma. We went there to meet up with an online friend for the first time (not a great experience). We also visited the Oklahoma City bombing memorial site.


Summer of 2000 with the youth group in Moab. There isnt alot to say about this trip except. Hot, Dry, Red Dirt for miles and miles and my favorite quote from the trip "Children, children dont fight, there's enough dixie cups of water for everyone!"


Ahh Seattle! my home away from home! Seattle is seriously one of my favorite places! My first trip there was in November of 2005. I took Anna there as a surprise "1yr dating aniversary" We only spent one night a day there, but we had a good time.

In January OF 2007 we visited Seattle for a friend's wedding. We also spent a few more days there visiting other friends.

I look forward to many many more visits to this beautiful state!


In the Summer of 2001 I stayed in Yellowstone Park for a couple of nights with friends from the church youth group.

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