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A scenic location.

Yep! Really glad I did that .... NOT!

Yes - up at 3:30 am as the bus was collecting us at 4:25 am - you can imagine our surprise at that time!!

The trip is for 8 hours and the flight is supposed to leave at 6:00 am but that was rediculous!!!

Anyway we got up and going and yawning - with much stick-propping of the old eylids.  The bus arrives, we pick up others and head out to the airport.

Climb aboard our VERY small (and Tina is very nervous as well!) plane (about 16-seater - very crampy).  Flight up to and over the Canyon not too bad - a bit bumpy in places. Great spectacle to see the Canyon and Hoover Dam from the air - marvelous to look at.

Landed at airport, boarded bus and taken to lookout for photo op.

More Scenery.
  Tina needs loo (it's freezing - we are something like 7,000 feet above Las Vegas - and we dressed for heat ... doh!!)

Back on bus and five minutes to second stop - food, coffee, more photos.  Back on bus for another 5 minutes and another stop - Lunch??? It's only 10:00 am, but, hey, it's free!!  So everyone (excluding us) hogs at the buffet.  We buy some Indian souvenirs and wait to board the bus.

Bus takes us back to airport - back on airplane - back to the most horrific hour and a bit of my life - Yep! I counted every minute (except the one's where I was throwing up!) - Oh, Yes!  They neglected to tell us at the tour desk that it was freezing at the Canyon and they also neglected to tell us that as the day warmed up ... lovely thermals are created by rising heat off the Canyon floor which then created some of the worst turbulence I've ever encountered.  Even doped up to the eyeballs with my magic pills (which have never before failed me), I was sick .. sick .. SICK!!! To the point where I thought they would have to carry me off the plane.  My situation was probably not helped by the sheer terror of a very small plane being lifted and dropped on a regular basis, the whole of the flight.  (I noticed john didn't let go of the seat in front of him either!) .. BAD, BAD, BAD.  I have come to the conclusion that I don't like Las Vegas - nope not a redeeming quality about it!

I did manage to get off the plane, onto the bus and much to my relief, back to the hotel, before passing out for several hours.  We spoke to another couple who were on a different flight but staying at the same hotel, who said that several people were ill on their flight and one little girl was so petrified she stood up - solid as a stone - the whole flight!

I have since recovered somewhat, enough to have dinner, a bottle of wine (several if I'd had my way!!) - you bet! And say a prayer for still being here!!

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A scenic location.
A scenic location.
More Scenery.
More Scenery.
Grand Canyon
photo by: Sunflower300