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Today we went to Potaroo Palace a small wildlife sanctuary about 10 mins drive from Merimbula. Potaroo palace is a non profit sanctuary where all the money goes back into the keeping and welfare of the animals.Everybody who works here is a volunteer. When we entered the sanctuary the first thing we bought was some kangaroo food to feed the animals.

Rei ran over to where the kangaroos were, they were free to roam around where ever they wanted to go and he had a great time feeding them. I think the kangaroos were very happy as well because when he went to feed one kangaroo others would bound towards him wanting food as well. 

We looked around the other parts of the sanctuary which was quite small  and saw the snakes,lizards, crocodiles, aviary with Australian birds, koalas which of course were sleeping and a very active echidna which was very cute, scratching around looking for ants and other things to eat.

a diamond python
We walked over to the picnic area when we saw a lady making a speech about wombats. She had a baby one that wasn't very old at all. The baby was so cute still wrapped in a towell and eyes were still closed the lady told us that her mother had been  killed by a car. She was very informative and knew everything about wombats.

We ate our sandwiches and then boarded a little train that took us around the sanctuary. The train stopped at the koala enclosure and everybody got off  to listen to the animal keeper talk about the animals, we were able to pat the koalas and lizards and then they brought out a long diamond back python that we were able to have our photo taken with it on our shoulders if we wanted to. When the python was on your shoulders you could hardly feel it.  I thought it would be much heavier than that. After the lady had finished we decided to go home.

That night we went to an Italian restraunt called Ducci's. We had a pizza and some spaghetti which was very nice.


Koralifix says:
What a nice and valuable place to visit!
Posted on: Aug 01, 2009
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a diamond python
a diamond python
is that a snake
is that a snake
photo by: skippyed