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my son being silly at Wheelers restraunt

On December 22nd after a hard days work I went home and packed my bags to go to the Kansai airport to to catch a 10pm flight to Cairns.

Upon arriving at the airport  we found that the Jetstar JQ 16 flight from Osaka to Cairns would be delayed by an hour and 30 mins. We weren't too concerned about the delay as it meant it would cut into out time at the Cairns airport as we had a 5 hour wait for a connecting flight to Sydney. This was in fact the first time for me to have a delayed flight.

We decided to have some udon (japanese noodles) as this would be our last Japanese meal for 2 weeks and also Jetstar does not provide a meal unless you pay extra for it.

Rei jumping on the jumping mat
We boarded the plane and i had a great sleep  and only woke up when we landed in Cairns. It was one of the best sleeps I had ever had on a plane. After collecting our bags we had to walk outside the international terminal over to the domestic airport, no soon as the doors open you could feel the high humidity that Northern Queensland is famous for at this time of year. The temperature was around 30 degrees a lot different to the 10 degrees we had left in Osaka.

After waiting about 4 hours for our connecting flight ,we were on our way to Sydney. We landed in Sydney, but we were not done yet we still had just over an hours wait to catch a small plane with REX to Merimbula. With about 20 minutes to go before departure, we heard over the loud speakers would a Mr Christian O'Brien, Mrs Hitomi O'brien and Rei OBrien please come to gate 4 immediately as you are delaying the boarding of this flight.

Rei sliding on the jumping mat
We looked at each other, picked up our things and ran to gate 4 to find that everybody was waiting for us on a bus to be taken to the tarmac to board the plane. Come on now how was I supposed to know that we have to use a bus to board the plane and not just walk straight on to it.

With that little drama out of the way, we boarded the 30 seater and flew to the small town of Merimbula on the Saphire Coast of New South Wales where my parents have been enjoying their retirement for the last 10 years. Looking out from the window of the plane I could see my older brother and my mum waiting for us. My brother didn't look like he had changed but my mother looked like she had gotten a little bit older 4 years had past since i had last seen my family.

silly boy at wheelers seafood restraunt

We picked our bags up and relized that we had left our sons bag with all his toys in it somewhere in Sydney when we dashed for the plane. Mum took us to their house where my dad was waiting and I had my first Australian home cooked meal in four years. The rest of the evening I just spent catching up with my family and my son rei got to play with his grandparents and Uncle. Last time he saw them he was only 8 months old.

My mum and dad only live in a small apartment with 2 bedrooms which my brother occupied the spare one so my mum got us a holiday apartment that her friend owned.She took us over there but on the way we stopped off at the supermarket. Here I got a little shocked everything in the market was so big and everything was now extremely expensive compared to Japan. When I first went to Japan 8 years ago 1 Australian dollar was only 65 yen but now 8 years later the dollar is actually worth a little bit more than the yen.

Rei posing again at Wheelers restraunt.
We got our breakfast for tomorrow and went to the apartment which was simple but comfortable for the time that we would be staying there. We unpacked our bags and went to sleep.

The next morning we woke up around 10 having caught up on some sleep and regained our energy from the long flight that we had had the day before. We were about to leave when my wife couldn't find her wallet which had nearly 1000$ in it. She looked everywhere but couldn't find it anywhere. ( We were off to a good start two delayed flights, a lost bag and now a lost wallet all in the last 24 hours.) I decided to look outside where I had thought my mum had parked her car but I couldn't find it.  I went inside told Hitomi to keep looking and that I would go to mum's house to see if she had left it in the car.

I got to mum's house looked in the car but it wasn't there either so we decided to go back and see if Hitomi had had any luck in finding it.Mum parked the car in the same place she'd parked the previous night and from the car she could see a notice on the fence that said wallet at police station. I screamed at Hitomi that the wallets at the police station, which happened to be 100 metres up the road. We raced around there, did the paper work and the wallet was then handed back to Hitomi.

Before all this had happened we had planned to go to Wheelers Oyster seafood restraunt about a 10 minute drive out of Merimbula near the area of Pambula.When we got to Wheelers restraunt it was quite busy. We wanted to sit outside but all the tables were taken so we had to sit in the back of the restraunt. My wife and I decided to have half a dozen oysters grown from the Wheeler's oyster farm, seafood risotto and gnochi, while my mum, dad and brother had the fish of the day. The food was really good and I really liked this restraunt except the staff were a little pushy always asking if we would like something to drink or were we finished yet even though there was food still on the table. I would reccomend you make reservations if you were to come here especially through the busier times of the year.

Next mum decided to take us for a little drive around the township of Pambula. Pambula was first explored in the late 1700's by the Europeans but was only settled in 1830. Many of the original colonial buildings still remain intact Including THE RETREAT(1850's), The Grange(1851) and the Court House (1860) Pambula also has one of the most beautiful beaches I have ever seen a 6 kilometre white sanded beach unfortunately Merimbula and Pambula have strong winds and it blows quite hard in the afternoon and becomes quite cold to swim.

Next to the beach was the Pambula caravan park and inside we saw some wild kangaroos so we walked in even though we were not staying there as it was the first time for my wife to see them other than in a zoo. My son ran over to them straight away but soon lost interest in them when he saw some kids jumping on a mat which must be an updated version of a trampoline. He had such a good time jumping on it that he did not want to go home.

That night we had dinner at mum's house and then went home as tomorrow would be a big day as Santa Claus was coming to town.

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my son being silly at Wheelers res…
my son being silly at Wheelers re…
Rei jumping on the jumping mat
Rei jumping on the jumping mat
Rei sliding on the jumping mat
Rei sliding on the jumping mat
silly boy at wheelers seafood rest…
silly boy at wheelers seafood res…
Rei posing again at Wheelers restr…
Rei posing again at Wheelers rest…
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