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Group:  Phil, Ivan, Derek

Order and Progress, Incorporated

Provide financial, technical, and business help to start-up businesses, helping innovative and entrepreneurial ideas get off the ground.


  • Seminars, speakers, weekly meetings to give advice, etc. to advise them on which direction they should take their business.  If they should sell, we tell them how much they’re worth, and the minimum amount they should sell for
  • Investors attracted through name, connections in fields/markets
    • Hire big names in technical fields and business gurus
  • Groups of 1 - 3 who want seed funding send in applications
    • $2000 per person, per month
    • The business and technical professionals are the ones who, in combination, make the decision whether to allow them into the program, give seed funding
  • To get our name out initially
    • Make contacts
    • Hire big name professionals
    • Send out info and make presentations at universities around the country, especially Southeast
  • Many get bought out, some flop, some become successful businesses
    • If bought out:  10% of sale or as much as we put in, whichever is more
    • If successful:  7%
  • Location:  Southeast region
  • Advantages of our business for start-up businesses
    • We pay them
    • So hard to find funding to start-up in Brazil. 
    • Don’t have to go into debt to start-up
    • Can’t get loans from banks – 100% interest rates from banks
    • Unless you already have money, its almost impossible to get funding
    • Entrepreneurs don’t know exactly all the details to get in contact with companies who would want to partner or buy them out.
    • Our business advice helps them in these and many other areas.
    • With Tecpar, each business had to find their own funding independently
    • Will be much more attractive to start-up businesses than Tecpar, where you have to pay them
  • custo brazil
    • not our issue because
      • most of our start-up businesses will be intellectual property (software or small-size hardware)
      • We are just developing the prototype.  The eventual large-scale production is not within our scope
  • huge market in SE
    • easier access to:
      • investors
      • companies to partner with
      • companies to buy out
      • region with the most highly qualified technical and business people
      • largest market of Brazil
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Sao Paulo
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