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The beach resort of Valparisio is Vina Del Mar, a beach front full of high rise appartments, as the sandy beach stretches northwards along the coast. I took the metro from Valparisio you need a card to travel which is loaded with your journey details like the London Oyster system. The card cost 700 pesos (70p) the journey is 400 or 500 pesos depending on the time of day. It's clean, frequent and quick and ten minutes later I am in Vina Del Mar. (home to Everton football club if you are wondering, Santaigo Wanderes play in valparisio not Santaigo to add to the confusion).

I visit the natural history museum mainly because they have a stone Moai (An Easter Island Statue) and a lot of displays dedicated to Easter Island where I am going next. There is a Moai in the British Museum if you want to see one. Partly to stay out of the sun as I keep burning !!

I walk a long the promeade there is a pier in about as good a condition as the one in Brighton, and pick a spot for an afternoon relaxation. The sun even at 4pm is strong. THe beach fills up at about 5 with lots of person coming down to enjoy the afternoon sun. The sea however is cold courtersey of the Humboult Current.

Con Con is a fishing port about 18km from Vina Del Mar, I take a local bus 30p along the coast road passing numerous beaches, coves etc before arriving. The beach has a Tsunami Zone Sign, I assess the steepness of the hill and think bollocks to that in a hurry !! It's just a reminder how fragile the country is, numerous towns and cities have suffered earthquakes and tidal waves in their history.

Anyway I have a crab pancake as i'm by the sea, as It`s midday I avoid the beach and take the bus back along the coast to a small harbour. In England Sea gulls are king, they scavenge, and they get quite fat on cast off fish and chips and cornish pasties, they are quite fearless and menancing especially when stealing sandwichs off three year olds. In chile they are quite a bit smaller not as plump and not as well fed, partly because they are not at the top of the bird food chain. The seagulls lurk on the edge of rooves on stray rocks because the eal kings of the coast hold sway here the Pelican. The pelican launches itself with a belly flop and then a few beats of it's wings and it's transformed into a majestic flyer cruising low over the water. They make quite a thud as they land on the corrogated tin roofs of the restaurants !! Anyway they fly and soar and in a group fly in a line behind each other very beautiful and why Ilike them most cos they seem to scare the crap out of the seagulls who get out of their way. Bring pelicans to Cornwall that's my new motto !!!

I find a beach a small cove in the afternoon, but this is packed with holiday makers even though it's not in a main town, the sea is still cold. I leave when I feel my arming burning dispite several coatings of sun cream!!

Back to valparisio dinner in the local cafe and few beers in the hostels talking to the chilians. I understand nothing, it's fine.

Ricardo Crispio

Bring Pelicans to Cornwall !!!


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Vina del Mar
photo by: JenBUK