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A very enjoyable morning spent earing my excellent breakfast provided by the portellio hostel staff, no sooner had I eaten my toasted chesse and ham sandwich when Adebayor scored for the Arsenal, my second cup of tea and Arsenal go 2-0 up. A good morning spent watching the game and chatting to Ricardo about Easter Island, he had lived on the island so was very knowledgable about what to do.

I take the rickerty local bus to the bus station and we head back to Santiago, a cloudy and damp Valpa soon replaced by a swealting Santaigo. I'm at the La Casa Roja the first backpackers I can recall with it's own pool !!

Anyway i'm checking in and someone is chatting about a game in Santiago tonight, and hey he's got a spare ticket big thanks to damien the Ozzie. So after a quick swim we are off to the game.

Colo Colo are by far the most popular team in Chile judging by the number of shirts i've seen. They are playing at home to Deportes Melipilla

For anyones info I've been counting the shirts i've seen. This is the list, based on the most seen.

Colo Colo, University, Real Madrid, Arsenal, Liverpool, AC Milan. Which I've always said are the biggest supported teams in the world !!

 Man Utd, Santiago Wanderes, Inter, Cohinque all seen just one shirt.

The stadium it seems is right in the Andes a great setting for a ground, we have half way line seats for 5.50 pounds. Bargain. A great game, Colo Colo take the lead there midfield is marshalled by an Ivan Campo lookalike plus a few stone. And another portly gentlemen of the Jan Molby phyisque, there ploy is obviously that the opposition will not run around them.

The Melipilla forward is Ian Beckwith-esque with pace to burn but lacking a tad of composure, however a deflected 30 yard shot off a player called Riffo and a dubious penalty gives the Melipilla a two one lead. Some choice words to the ref from Riffo who scored the own goal ensures colo colo are down to ten men for the rest of the first half.

The crowd is about 5000, but very noisy the terrace behind the goal is packed and the drummer keeps a steady rythum going, dispite them losing the crowds is still chanting and vocal for colo colo. The terrace is not the only 80's theme the tackle from behind is still perfectly legal in Chile, Paul salvage would have prospered here !!

The second half and within minutes colo colo are level a fine passing move results in a goal, 15 minutes later a hopeful ball is put in the box and the striker beats the goalie with a deft flick, 3-2 colo colo. A beautiful curling shot from 20 yds by Munoz and the melipillia level. The loacl lads are on the fence jeering and snarling at the 40 or so away fans !!!!

With 5 minutes to go the right back misses a glorious chance for colo colo the game seems to be a draw until in injury time the 10 men get the ball in the box to their striker number 14 Biscayzacu and goal goal goal the crowd erupts, flooding down the terrace in waves.

No riot, no dodgy lads after the game wanting to mug you , just a craking night of football.

Football is life, the rest is a mere irrelevance.

Ricardo Crispio

Colo Colo supporter by fate !!!

Ole Ole Ole











































































































































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