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Bootham Bar
Finally there!!!
Finally back in my beloved England!!!
I don't know what it is about that country but I just love the people, the landscapes, the accent, the Pubs (though not the food and the beer too much ;)). Just feels like coming home whenever I am there ...
So this time I am coming home with two of my guys to visit a friend who is currently in York for a research project.
We decided to rent a car from Stansted on just to be more flexible and comfi.
As my friends know about my exceptional drinving skills :P and they have never been driven on the 'wrong' side of the street before we agreed that I would be the driver for our trip.
York Minster

So we entered our Phanter Black!! (that what it says in the contract) Ford Fiesta and headed up North, the spirits high and on the search for adventure, friendship and some Pints in the famours English Pubs.

With some country music playing along in the radio we didn't even mind the heavy rain ... until ... traffic jam ... just some 20min after we had left Stansted .... well, we saw it from the funny side - joked about people in the other cars, sang loudly along to silly songs, stopped to get coffee and chips (crisps ;)).
But as it got darker and rainier the others fell silent so there was just some lonly heroine left behind the wheel (and this point keep in mind that I was driving ;))
In the end we needed instead the planned 3 hours  6 hours as there have been 2 roads blocked due to flooding and some other reason I have forgotten.
York Minster again
Was a bit trying to drive all this way in a new car, in the dark with some kind of water fall coming from above but we made it sound and safe to York.
Luckily I had been smart enough to print the directions to the Hostel beforehand (which for me is amazing as I usually am a bit more the 'oh, somehow it will work out'-kind-of-person) so we found our beds for that night without problems and without loosing any more time of our precious vacations.
Our friend met up with us in the Hostel and after checking in we left right away - regardless our tired bodies - to conquer the city of York.
I have been there before,loved it and wasn't disappointed now.

York is wonderful, amazing, beautiful ...
from the Hostel you reach the city from Bootham Bar and have a beautiful view on the Minster right away.
me and Daniel
Its truely breath taking!!!
Of course January is probably the worst time to visit the North of England but at least its not crowded by tourist and with the best travel company ever (all carefully picked ;)) you have a great time whatever.
Must admit that we were quite silly after the long journy and meeting our friend again but after after a very important exam and between the work in the lab it was just the most relaxing thing ever to take a stroll in York little streets on the look for the best Pub (which in York is an easy task) along with ur friends, taking silly pictures, laugh and talk about even more silly things :D

We ended up in a cozy nice Pub but just stayed for 2 Pints as we all were pretty tired and wanted to get up early.
Was a great night!!!
And should be an even greater week!!!

o_mendfornd says:
Hey, York! That's where I'm from originally! I'm glad you like the place as much as I do. It's a shame I don't live there anymore :(
Posted on: Feb 20, 2008
ted332 says:
Great blog!
Posted on: Jan 17, 2008
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Bootham Bar
Bootham Bar
York Minster
York Minster
York Minster again
York Minster again
me and Daniel
me and Daniel
da  Martin :)
da Martin :)
the Pather black Ford Fiesta
the Pather black Ford Fiesta
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