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St. Mary's Church
So here we were - Youth Hostel York.
As always in Hostels I found it very tricky to return at night and go to bed without making a sound - not waking up ur roomies - especially as my little lamp over the bed didn't work. I managed anyways to find my tooth brush and safely climb up the ladder. Slept quite well despite some snoring older lady which turned out to be very nice the next morning. She was from Australia and on a tour in England and Scotland with her husband. Always amazing to meet 'such old' people in Hostels - wonder wether I will still be sharing in 8-bed room when I am 60 ;)

So we had breakfast in that nice breakfast room where you can watch birds and squirrel picking seeds and nuts.
Great start in a day ... (though we found out that we forgot to change the time on our mobiles and hence got up one hour too early ;))

Plan for the day was to explore the ruins of Fountains Abbey some miles north west of York.
Fountains Abbey (and even more Rieveaulx Abbay which is less touristic) has always been one of my most favourite sights in England so of course I wanted to share that with my friends.

Fountains Abbey was founded in 1132 by Cistercian monks in the valley of the River Skell. The valley had all the required materials for the creation of a monastery, providing shelter from the weather, stone and timber for building, and a running supply of water.
Monks were living here until 1539 when Henry VIII ordered the Dissolution of the Monasteries.

If you ever have the chance to go there, here is a special advice: don't take the main entrance but choose the way over a little church (you pass it when you go to the main parking of Fountains Abbey).
Fountains Abbey
Its very pretty though we unfortunately didn't get the chance to go inside as it is closed at this time of the year.
This way has next to the chance to see St. Mary's Church three advances:
First: You can have a look at the water parc right next to the Abbey area
Second: You can have a stroll in the valley next to the Abbey which is very picturesque (the first photos were taken there) with the little bridges and the river flowing by.
Third: If you approach the Abbey from this site you get the best most amazing first view at it

We very much enjoyed walking around, breathing the fresh clear air.
The entrance fee is pretty high  (£7.50 and no students reduction) but more than worth it!!!
You can easily spend a day walking around, looking at this impressive ruins from different angles.
Approaching the Abbey
Maybe have a picknick. I just can say again: wonderful, impressive,breath taking!!
The guys loved it very much (which of course made me happy :)). So we had some sandwiches and a beer (sounds a little chavvy but what do u expect from a vacation with men :P ). Luckily the sun came out which made it a lot more enjoyable than in the pouring rain.
We kind of started to joke around and between the ruins like little puppies ... hahhahaha ... felt like being a child again
That was when we met Karl with K - a Phtorographer who was visiting  the Abbey with his family to take some pics (if ur interested: - whose children joined us in our game. Karl turned out to be very nice and told us more about the Abbey and showed us some of his pics. Once again we noticed how open and friendly the British are.
Lars and me

Just at sunset we reached the car and headed back to York.
The best thing after a day like that: your tired of walking and the fresh air but also satisfied with the experiences you made. One of my favourite feelings possible.

In the evening we just cooked at my friends place ( with us I actually mean myself but its ok to pamper ur male friends from time to time ;))
Then - of course - Pub time. As there are so many in York it would be a shame to miss out on that.
By that time we also had a 4 bed room in the hostel so we could come and go and do whatever without disturbing anyone.

Mission for the next day: Going to Manchster to pick up Wiebke plus: Ghost walk ..... uhhhhhh

eirien says:
thanks for the smile and the nice comments ... its encouraging to get some feedback :)
Posted on: Jan 18, 2008
Isabetlog says:
And I have to agree -- the Brits ARE very friendly!
Posted on: Jan 18, 2008
Isabetlog says:
Hi there - nice read so far, with lovely photos to boot! Looking forward to the rest of your blog. I just love the UK :D
Posted on: Jan 18, 2008
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St. Marys Church
St. Mary's Church
Fountains Abbey
Fountains Abbey
Approaching the Abbey
Approaching the Abbey
Lars and me
Lars and me
sun set through the window of the …
sun set through the window of the…
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