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We set off on our (supposedly) 26hr bus/boat journey from Koh Phangnan to Kuala Lumpur on Thurs 3rd Jan. We were supposed to get there 8am on Friday then straight on a flight to Borneo but ended up arriving 9pm Friday eve instead - completely missed our flight. We were so gutted cos we couldn't get a refund or anything and it was completely the bus company's fault in Surrathani for messing us around and making us late for the main coach to KL. The bus driver just basically abandoned us in Had Yai next to a guest house and legged it. We had to stay in the horrid guest house (massive cockroach in bin, smelly, slept with light on kinda place) for the night until we could catch the bus the next day but there was nothing we could do.
.. so we decided to stay in KL for a few days instead of on the way back after Borneo.

So, after our horrendous journey we were so glad to finally arrive in KL! There is such a mix of cultures - Malay, Chinese, Indian, Muslim (reminded me of London!) so as you can imagine the food is amazing! Good night life but the beer is not cheap! 

On Saturday we got up early to go and see the famous Patronas towers. They are twin towers in KL city centre - about 80 floors. You can go up to the sky bridge on the 41st floor which links the towers together for a great view of the city. Afterwards we went to the Kuala Lumpur Tower which has a viewing platform which goes all the way round the tower and is even higher than the skybridge. There were binoculars stationed all round and you could even see people down on the street (the boys particulaly enjoyed looking at the girls sunbathing by the rooftop pools on the hotels!).

In the evening we decided to check out china town as there is a good night market there. We had some good chinese food for tea then headed to a bar nearby called 'Reggae bar' for a few drinks and some good hiphop and a bit of Reggae of course!! We decided we wanted to go somewhere after for a dance with the same sort of music so we asked this guy called Charles who had been MC'ing earlier on where would be good to go. He very kindly offered to take us to the club where he was going next. Let me descibe charles to you. Big (really big), black, sunglass wearing (inside) with short dreads. Kinda Jamacan looking. Anyway so they start playing 'I come from a land down under' so we decide to leave the reggae bar with him. Let me just point out here that I am usually a sensible person but for some reason (coulda been the drink) I decided it would be fine for us all to get in the car with this stranger.
And it was fine until another of his mates (equally as big) decides he is getting in too! So we (me, ads, Burnley, Ben and the two guys) set off and at this point I am debating with myself whether I think the boys could over-power these guys or not and we arrive at the club! Phew! It turns out this guy Charles is pretty well known in KL and produces his own music (He played his 'song' to us in the car - let me tell you, it wasn't all that!) so he gets us all in to the club for free and when we walked in I could see all the girls looking at him and wondering who the hell we were - it was hilarious! We enjoyed some free drinks and a good old dance but decided to leave shortly after as we got the feeling Charles may have wanted something in return for his genorousity...  we went to another club afterwards and all in all it was a great night!!!

On sunday we nursed our hangovers then took Burnley to the hospital as his feet had been hurting for some time (too much dancing on Koh Phangnan!).
It turns out he has musclular strain and has to take lots of tablets to ease the pain. He is a walking pharmacy at the mo!

On Monday morning we set off to the airport to get our flight to Kota Kinabalu in Borneo!

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Right, first the journey here: We started at  6am from Koh Phangan....Boat to Donsak (mainland) then another bus to Surrithani. At Surrithani it got a bit crap. We were waiting in this travel shop for a while waiting for a bus to take us to hat yai which is nr the border of Thailand and Malaysia. The bus turned up after an hour and took us...........round the corner to another shop. Here some rude women said they were busy et etc and then tried to tell us that we needed 200 Ringitt to enter Malaysia....(so they could rip us off by giving us a really bad rate). We didn't fall for it anyway....after more waiting around we finally got a mini bus towards hat yai...we knew we were behind schedule tho and worried we wouldn't catch the big bus to KL from hat yai. When we got to Hat Yai at 6:45 (bus went at 6) we got dropped off outside this travel agency/guest house and the driver just ran off and left us without saying anything so we were stranded in Hat Yai. We managed to get the 9am bus the next day tho. This one went via Butterworth in Malaysia....and we got ripped off again there as a guy said the next bus is at 10pm (a 9 hour wait)...unless you pay 20 ringitt..GRRRRR. We'll be so glad when we get to Australia everywhere in SE Asia wanna try and rip you off you can't trust a word anyone says.

Anyway winge over. We got to KL, we spent 3 nights there

gotta go more to come soon....soz xx
1,388 km (862 miles) traveled
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