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Checked into our first hotel with much disappointment, it was another one of those...well it looked different on the internet type of places. Baia Dol Sol it was called all the way down at the end of the strip. So we spent the first 2 hours in Baga (northern area) looking for another place to stay which we did, Ronil resort was a nice place with a pool and star shaped lights-check out the review.

Baga is very touristy as I knew it would be but like Mumbai in that there is incessant honking, it never stops I swear and there are street vendors calling you and taxi cab drivers wanting to plan out our your whole trip to Goa with them as your personal chauffer. It gets annoying to say the least but somehow its bareable since you are near the beach. We checked out one right at the end of our street and had some great seafood for lunch. We were entertained by the small indian children who have a dance routine they perform table side for you then put their hands out for rupees. Its pretty entertaining and you just cant help but look.

We went to Vagator beach the second day which is 20 minute taxi ride. Now this beach has a very small touristy area. Almost no white sand and many local people just wanting to stare at you. Dont mind the men who go swimming in their underwear, no that isnt weird! Anyways the food didnt look so great so it was chips for lunch for us. It was nice to get away from the craziness of Baga but I wouldnt go back.

There is plenty of nightlife here including bars, clubs, and sheesha bars (hookahs). We dont have many of these back in the states so its still a novelty to us. They give you a menu wuth the flavored tobacco and an alcohol you can mix with it in the hookah. Like coconut tobacco and coconut feni (its the local liquor made by Goans, they also have palm and cashew feni its pretty good!) We checked out Cocktails & Dreams and the owner is from the UK so I felt comfortable ordering my firt dirty martini in India, the are so funny here they cant say no even when they dont know what it is you want. So instead of olive juice he chopped up olives and put them in my drink because he said he didnt want to disappoint me, how sweet :) It was good but different. Kind of like India there favorite saying here is "same same but different" if you dont get it, you will when you get here!

Our original plan was to rent scotters and check out other beaches during the day but when Alys took a test drive the bike was just too big for her and the guy renting it basically said she couldnt ride it on the street. Not like she would anyways there are all kind of traffic here especially when the sun starts to set. There are buese, cars, pedestrians, motorcycles, scooters, elephants and cows! So we opted to walk and take taxis around.
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photo by: jbwasatch