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me and Becky, very cold...Brr
I made my third and final attempt to use a buddy pass my friend Michael gave me back in June. Previous attempts to get to Boston and Jacksonville were thwarted in July, so I decided to try one last time before 2007 and my buddy pass expired.

Becky recently moved to Baltimore to teach at an inner-city elementary school. As a first year teacher in the murder capitol of the world, settling into Baltimore has been a chore for her. I figured we'd explore the city for NYE and hoped it might make the city feel more like home for her. Having only been to the airport before, I was curious to find out what the inner harbor was all about.

I was standby for three flights before finally scoring a seat on one leaving 7:20. Fortunately, it was a short trip from Atlanta and I had plenty of time before boarding to snag dinner and drinks in Hartsfield-Jackson, terminal C.

I found Becky in her new Jeep curbside at BWI and with the help of her Chocolate phone/GPS, we made our way into town for NYE celebrations. We checked out the clubs and bars around the inner harbor, hoping to meet up with her friends at "Howl at the Moon". Unfortunately, HM was full  and for about 30 minutes we stood at the door hoping someone would leave early so we could get in. No bones. In spite, we decided Bark at the Door was a better name for the place.

Some kids next to us...and really, everyone there was a kid...were trying to get rid of tickets to the bar next door. "Clutch" was performing and we negotiated a 2-for-1 deal. The crowd was very mixed, but the West Virginia die-hard Clutch fans dominated the scene. Becky and I got lucky and found a perfect spot to sit, close to the bar and far from the fans.

We chatted and drank for the last hour of 2007. I bought champagne in anticipation the midnight toast, but Clutch played right through midnight without so much as a mention of the new year. We cheered and drank the bubbly anyway.

The first and to-date, funniest momement of 2008 came shortly after midnight. One of the WV fans started interpretive dancing in the space near our table. Drunk and possibly on mushrooms, he colided with several people before projectile vomiting on the floor. The funny part came shortly after that, when some prissy bitch wearing a 2008 tiarra sashaed our way, slipped and land on her back in vomit.  At first she laughed, until she put her hands down to get up and noticed that she was covered in vomit. Becky and I nearly fell out of our seats laughing. Shortly after ms. priss slipped, clutch left the building. We followed.
sylviandavid says:
How funny that the band played through new years.... maybe they didn' have a watch..... sound like fun!
Posted on: Jan 05, 2008
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me and Becky, very cold...Brr
me and Becky, very cold...Brr
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