Jet Ski Tours in Floripa

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Jet Ski Tours in Floripa
Our busyness will consist of giving tours on jet skis. We will show people around the beaches of Florianopolis. We will have designated times when people can show up for tours. After our tours for the day, we can rent the jet skis out to individuals. We will also have private tours for groups or individuals at adjusted rates, depending on how specialized the services will be. We will need very few resources to start. We will buy a small fleet of jet skis, transportation, storage space, and necessary equipment. We will places advertisements and print pamphlets to be placed in local tourism hot spots. A major form of advertisement will be going to popular beaches and setting up a station. People will come when they see the jet skis.

1. Starting needs
    o Fleet of 16 Jet Ski’s
    o Life vests of varying sizes. Roughly 30 vests.
    o 2 good size pickup trucks to carry the fleet around
    o metal and rental welding equipment to construct 2 racks to hold 8 jet ski’s each
    o a “station,” that would be in cart/trailer form (we would also construct this). It would consist of a cart that could be pulled by person across the beach and pulled behind a truck. This cart/trailer would hold fuel for all of the jet ski’s and snacks and beverages for the tourists.
    o A storage facility to accommodate the jet skis.

2. Possible upgrades
    o GPS for every jet ski
    o Fittings to make the jet skis run on an alternate fuel form

3. Fixed costs
    o Storage location
4. Variable costs
    o Repair and upkeep
    o Employment. Probably one employee, not necessarily necessary for startup.

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