traffic... again... I never want to drive through here again!

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Illinois wisconsin boarder has alot less snow than the rest of wisconsin

So it's interesting... I never really knew, and still don't know, how state lines were devised.  I just figured somewhere a long the lines they just got a  map of the united states and just drew lines that didn't look grid like and say these are states.  But it's intriguing because once you drive into a new state you really can tell.  Well, going from Wisconsin to Illinois was the difference between night and day with the snow.  It's like they just made the state line on the snow belt and boom... there's no snow south of it.  It's sort of freaky... but it was nice to not have whirl winds of snow coming up over my car. 

I drove along and followed I-90... like Jack, my Garmin GPS, told me to.  Well, I should've found an alternate route before the start of the trip like I wanted to because if driving to Minnesota through Chicago was horrible on a Sunday afternoon during a Chicago Bears Football game that wasn't even in Chicago I should've figured that a Friday afternoon would be worse!  And it was.

traffic in Chicago... it sucks
  I've been in bad traffic before but I feel for you in Chicago... to have to go through that every day at seems like every hour of the day I don't know how you do it. 

This is probably the worst part of the trip... everything else is a breeze.  So I stopped twice in Wisconson before I hit Illinois.  And Chicago isn't that far from the boarder... which is where I stopped after hitting the Cheese and Wine store... I stopped off at a Best Buy to grab some stuff for my camera.  And going the 4 hours wasn't that bad... but the 2 or 3 hours to go past Chicago was horrible on my feet.  They started to go to sleep... and it's not like I could get out and stretch.  LOL; I could just see all the cars on I-90... what's she doing?  Why is she standing out of her car?  What's going on?  But sadly I didn't and I finally got through...

Sadly in Illinois there wasn't any wineries close to the exits of I-90 or I-80... so I wasn't able to get a bottle of wine for Jon in Illinois.

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Illinois wisconsin boarder has alo…
Illinois wisconsin boarder has al…
traffic in Chicago... it sucks
traffic in Chicago... it sucks
photo by: mahoney